Voting system on Product Widget

It can be challenging to have pertinent reviews knowing consumers do not always have time or interest in leaving a qualitative review.

Our voting system enables visitors to your website to give their opinion on reviews left by your customers on product sheets.

Visitors can now vote positively (by giving a thumbs-up) or negatively (by giving a thumbs-down). They can also sort reviews to prioritize those deemed most useful.


Everyone using the new Product widget.

How it works:

Consumers can click on thumbs up to upvote a review and click on thumbs down to downvote a review.

Consumers can then sort reviews by most useful reviews.


It is possible to apply a most useful reviews filter: reviews with a lot of thumbs up will then be listed before the others.

This sorting is based on a score which is calculated based on upvotes minus downvotes.



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