Create Brand Widget for a specific shop

It is now possible to display the average rating and number of reviews for a specific store thanks to the new brand widget.

This new feature allows you to highlight the reviews of a specific store and display them in the location of your choice on your site.


For companies collecting offline brand reviews: store reviews.


  • Go in "Display Reviews" Section
  • Click on "Integrate my widgets"
  • Select a Brand Reviews Widget
  • Click on "Integrate"
  • A modal will open with instructions on how to integrate a Brand Widget on your website:


If you have active Shops, there is a collapsed second item named "Shops (Optional)".


  • Click on "Shops (Optional)", and follow the instructions to integrate your Brand Widget for a specific shop. 


  • After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to
  • You can scroll to "My Shops" section and access the list of all your shops.

Each shop has a key which is used to display ratings and reviews for a specific shop.



The key of Salvaloc Beauchamp is 116. If you want to display ratings and reviews for Salvaloc Beauchamp shop, you will need to copy / paste the Brand Widget integration code in your website and replace data-shop-id=”ID” with data-shop-id=”116”.

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