🖥️ Historical Version: Track my reviews collection

You can track and monitor your review collection, independently, from your Verified Reviews Back Office.

This allows you to track the stages of your collection and the status of review requests: email scheduled, sent, read and unanswered, read and answered.

Reporting also enables you to identify any anomalies in the collection of reviews and the sending of requests to your consumers.

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How to access the tracking page?

From your Back Office, click on the Review collection/Reporting review request.

Your tracking table


At the top of the page, you'll find the various search filters available.

Then in the reporting table, you'll find the following information:

  • The column Order shows the date of the consumer's order.
  • The Recovery column shows the date the order was recovered from your Avis Vérifiés account. (If you're using one of our modules, this will depend on the order status set for automatic retrieval)
  • The column Scheduling lets you know when the customer review request will be sent.
  • The Emission column lets you see whether the e-mail has been sent and on what date.
  • The Read column shows whether the email has been read and on what date.
  • The column Opening allows you to see whether the form has been consulted and on what date.
  • The column Filing shows whether a notice has been filed and on what date.

The Programming column indicates when the notification request enters the server queue. There may be slight differences between the value in the "programming" column and the final submission date/time, depending on the server's workload. If requests take longer than 24 hours, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care.


3 pictograms may appear in the Issue column:

To get more details about the order, you can click on the magnifying glass in the reference column.



You'll find:

  • Order reference
  • Date of experience
  • Customer details (last, first name, email)
  • If you collect product reviews, you can also find the products associated with the review request
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