Activate review request reminders

Thanks to Rating & Reviews, you have the option of activating a review request reminder, in order to increase your collection rate.

  • Consumers who have not submitted a review following the first email will be eligible for the reminder.
  • It is not possible to re-launch the same consumer several times!
  • In the case where the product review request is deferred, we avoid carrying out a reminder, as the consumer will already receive two requests: a request for the brand review and a request for the product review. As a result, the system already detects the scheduling of an e-mail (for the product), resulting in the planned reminder not being carried out. (⚠️ This rule does not apply if you are using the FTP method for the automatic retrieval of your orders. Programming the product review does not restrict the sending of reminders.)


The procedure for activating and setting up the notification request reminder will depend on the version of your account (historical version or new version).

Click on the category that corresponds to your menu:

✨ New version

🖥️ Historical version





New version

1. Click on the Collect Reviews menu, in the left-hand menu of the interface, and then on Configuration.

2. Go to the Review request reminder section from the Advanced Settings tab

3. Activate the cursor

4. Choose the delay before sending the reminder, in days.

5. Click Save at the top right of your screen.

🖥️ Historical version

1. Log in to your Rating & Reviews account.
2. Consult the Account management - My account tab
3. In the "Delay before dunning requests for advice" section, choose the delay of your choice from the drop-down list:


Good practices :

  • Take sales pressure into account to avoid over-solicitation: include the follow-up email in a CRM scenario, in the same way as other marketing emails (newsletters, automails,...)
  • Take product usage into account to plan the follow-up email in a relevant customer solicitation scheme: the post-purchase/post-experience delay of the follow-up must be reasonable so as to prioritize appropriate customer feedback. The experience noted by the customer must remain "fresh" so that he leaves a coherent opinion with regard to his satisfaction.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the follow-up email by tracking the collection rate: refine the email routing date according to the results, to find an optimal reminder scheme


How can I consult the list of customers who have received the reminder?

You can view the list of customers who have received the second notification request email and the date of receipt.


New version

1. Log in to your Rating & Reviews account.

2. Go to the menu Collect reviews> Review Request Follow up

3. In the Request Status, filter on the left of your screen, select "Reminder".



🖥️ Historical version

1. Log in to your Rating & Reviews account.

2. Go to the tab Collect reviews> Reporting - Review requests

3. Click on "Statistics by filter", the filter "Re-send from", allows you to list resent notification requests over a selected period:




4. Click "Filter"



5. You will find dunning notice requests:




The first date in the "Emission" column is the date the first email was sent and the second is the date the second email was sent.


If the column "Reading" is empty, this means that the customer has not opened the email.

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