Discover Verified Reviews widgets

Widgets allow you to display customer reviews, stars, and promote an average rating on a website. At Verified Reviews by Skeepers, you have the possibility to integrate them easily and for free on your website.

Widgets are a powerful tool, strengthening trust and credibility with your consumers while resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Don't miss the opportunity to leverage the potential of your reviews:

  • Display your ratings and reviews on your product pages in a very simple way
  • Adapt to the look and feel of your website by customizing it
  • Sort your reviews by rating or from newest to oldest
  • Search for reviews using keywords
  • Display the photos collected
  • Highlight syndicated reviews: the review source and the link to the product page
  • Highlight rewarded reviews and offered reviews
  • Integrate this widget without impacting your site's performance (SEO, Accessibility)
  • Use a 100% responsive widget

Discover now our 3 widgets: Brand, Brand Carousel, and Product.


Product Widget 

The product widget allows you to display reviews related to a specific product. Thus, these reviews will be displayed dynamically, directly on your product page.

Consumers also have the option to add photos after receiving their order.

The strategic inclusion of reviews on the associated product page leads to remarkable increases in e-commerce conversion rates, reaching up to 70%!

Choosing our product widget is the best possible choice! It is indeed compliant with the latest regulations of the Digital Services Act.

Untitled design (24).png

Our voting system also allows visitors to your website to give their opinion on the reviews left by your customers on the product sheets!

Learn more about integrating the Product Widget.


Brand Widget

The brand widget only presents consumer reviews related to the overall shopping experience.

3 formats are available, in 3 different colors: white, blue, and black:

We invite you to display your brand widget on the homepage of your website, to strengthen the trust of visitors.

vr 1.PNG              vr 2.PNG

Learn more about integrating the Brand Widget.


Brand Carousel Widget

We invite you to display the Carousel widget on the homepage of your website! It displays a maximum of 4 reviews per page, with a maximum of 5 pages; as well as comments from reviews with a rating of 4 or 5 stars, in chronological order.

It allows to get a quick overview of the reviews related to your brand and to bring credibility to your services.

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Learn more about integrating the Carousel Widget.


To effectively highlight your reviews, please consult the guidelines of our widgets!

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