How to display my product reviews on Google Shopping (PLA)?

It is possible to display the number of reviews and the average rating of your product reviews on Google Shopping.

These reviews associated with your products are visible both in the regular search results SERP (tab "All") and in the tab named "Shopping", whether in paid ads or free product listings.

Prerequisites for displaying reviews on Google Shopping 

  • It is essential to have an active account on Google Merchant Center associated with your online store. This allows you to retrieve the product feed from your site, which will then be displayed on the free listings of Google Shopping.

If you do not have a Google Merchant Center account, you can refer to this article to create one.

  • Achieve a minimum of 50 reviews for all your products over the last 12 months.
  • Be in countries where Shopping ads and free listings are available. This article can help you learn more.
  • Transmit the mandatory product data to Verified Reviews.
  • The display of stars and product reviews on Google Shopping may take up to 6 to 8 weeks from the submission of the first product review feed, due to the processing time required by Google.
  • The time it takes for a review to appear on Google Shopping may vary from 3 to 7 days from the submission of the feed.

The benefits of displaying product reviews on Google Shopping 

Displaying stars enhances the credibility and visibility of your products. It is a lever that promotes trust and transparency.

By activating them, you improve: 

  • Your e-reputation.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) to your product listings directly affects the volume of traffic to your site, and consequently, the conversion rate.
  • The SEO of your products, i.e., the position of your products in search results (SERP).

You can consult the Google Shopping documentation which specifies how Google associates reviews with products.

How does the synchronization between our services and Google work?

As a Google partner, we send the product review feed containing all your reviews weekly, including the new product reviews collected with the "published" status.

 Here are the mandatory product data you must transmit to us for display on Google SERP:

  • url_product
  • url_image_product
  • GTIN or [ MPN + brand_name ]

The following data remain recommended:

  • sku
  • category

How to send us the mandatory data for your future orders?

If, after checking the prerequisites mentioned above on your account, you find that the data required by Google is not associated with your product reviews, you can add them for your future orders.

  • If you use a module (Prestashop, Magento, etc.) for the automatic retrieval of your orders: 

Make sure to update your connector so that this data is correctly transmitted for new orders.

  • If you do not use a module (for example, if you use API, FTP, or manual import via CSV):

You must add this mandatory data to associate it with the new collected product reviews.


Consult the following documentations, depending on your module (Google Shopping section):

Prestashop - Documentation Connector 

Prestashop – New Connector Documentation 

Woocommerce - Connector Documentation  

Magento 1 - Connector Documentation 

Magento 2 - Connector Documentation 

Shopify - New Connector Documentation

Historical version: Method of collecting reviews by importing a CSV file 

New version: Method of automating review collection by importing a CSV file

Automation method: transmit orders by API


After making these adjustments, it is necessary to wait to obtain 50 new product reviews compliant with Google's criteria so that these reviews can be displayed on Google Shopping.


To speed up the process of collecting 50 reviews and, consequently, accelerate the display of your product reviews on Google Shopping, we advise you to catch up on historical reviews.

Catching up on data from old product reviews

Catching up allows both to display all the old product reviews and to reduce the time required to reach the threshold required by Google.

To do this, please contact our support so that we can forward your request to a project manager (note that this service is chargeable).

This service includes:

  • Support by a project manager for updating old product reviews by adding the required data.
  • Verification of the correct receipt of the data.
  • Synchronization of your reviews (sending the complete feed to Google).
  • Verification of the display of your reviews on Google Shopping.

If you do not wish to update this data, it will have no impact on your new reviews.

However, reviews collected without the required data (or with incorrect data) will not be visible on Google Shopping.

What to do if I have followed all these steps, but the reviews still do not appear?

  • Please make sure that the data transmitted with your orders matches the information of your products already displayed on Google Shopping.

For example:

A product may not show reviews on its product page on Google Shopping, even if it has them in the associated feed due to a matching issue between the platform's data and the data associated with the reviews.

  • The display of reviews on Google Shopping depends entirely on Google's decision: If you are certain that you are sending the correct data to our services and that your products seem to display the correct information, but you still do not see the reviews displayed, we nonetheless recommend contacting the Google support team to get an explanation from them.


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