I can't login to my account

We have recently updated our sign-in system. We could encounter difficulties to access your Rating & Reviews application.

If it does occur for you, please proceed to the following steps:

  1. Clean your browser cache, following one the tutorials:
    1. Google Chrome (or Microsoft Edge) : Support Google
    2. Mozilla Firefox : Support Mozilla
  2. Be sure to use the Rating & Reviews URL access : (please do not use the one you could have bookmarked)
    1. https://www.verified-reviews.com/en/
    2. https://www.opiniones-verificadas.com/es/
    3. https://www.recensioni-verificate.com/it/
    4. https://www.opinioes-verificadas.com/pt/
    5. https://www.opinioes-verificadas.com.br/br/
  3. Process a reset password through the link available on the login page:


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