Does a review awaiting processing block the publication of other reviews?

The publication of reviews is done chronologically. Therefore, a review awaiting processing will block the publication of all reviews that arrive after it, even if they are positive.

Consequently, we recommend regularly processing your reviews. This will ensure that you always have recent content on your certificate and in search engine results.

Reviews that arrive after a review under moderation will be placed in a pending publication status and will remain blocked until the status of the preceding review changes.

💡 If you notice that recently collected Brand reviews are not visible on your certificate, it is possible that these reviews are blocked in a pending status, and the "Publish Review" button is grayed out. This is related to the fact that a previous review in the to be processed category requires action on your part. 


Best Practices 

To ensure that all your reviews are published promptly, you will need to process reviews under moderation, either by publishing them or reporting them (if the review violates our terms of service).



To publish reviews blocked with pending status, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the Review Processing menu.

In the Review Status filter, select the under moderation status.

Step 2

Click on the review(s) under moderation.

Step 3

Process the review under moderation: 

Step 4

If you chose to publish the review, it will change to the Published status.

If you reported the review, and the report is accepted by our moderation teams, the review will change to the Rejected status.

In any case, this will unblock the publication of subsequently received reviews.



The status change, after processing all your reviews, may take until the next day at 9 a.m.

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