Does a review in moderation block the publication of other reviews?


Reviews are published in chronological order. Therefor, a review in moderation will block the publication of all reviews arriving after it (even if they are positive).

For this reason, we recommend that you moderate your reviews frequently, so that you can always display recent content on your attestation, and in search engine results.

Reviews arriving after a review in moderation will be placed in pending publication status and will remain blocked until the status of the previous notice is changed.

If you notice that recently collected Brand reviews are not visible on your certificate, it's possible that these reviews are blocked in pending status, and that the "Publish review" button is grayed out. This is because a previous review, with the status "to be processed", requires action on your part.

You can publish pending reviews manually. If pending reviews are not published manually, they will still be published automatically after 7 days.


Best practices 

To ensure that all your reviews are published as quickly as possible, you will need to manage reviews that are in moderation, either by publishing them or by reporting them (if the review is contrary to our GTC).


To publish reviews that are blocked with pending status, please follow these steps:

1. Go to your Rating & Reviews account, in the Reviews management tab, and select the "in moderation" filter.

2. Click on the review(s) in moderation.


3. Process the reviews in moderation by clicking on "Publish notice" or by reporting it.

4. The review in moderation will be switched to published or rejected status, and reviews blocked in pending status will be published.

⭐ Please note!

The change of status, after all your reviews have been processed, may take up to 9 a.m. the following day.

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