How do you create a voucher?

You can set up a discount coupon or a voucher on the thank you page.

This initiative encourages your customers to try new products or services and consequently improve your return rate.



1-  Go to the menu Account Management/My Account then to Integration/Visibility

2-  At the bottom of the page, check the box to the left of the Coupon section to activate the coupon



3-  Set a validity period for your coupon


4- Set the coupon code you want to offer to your customers. To do this, click on View Coupon List



5- Add a coupon. To do this, you need to upload a CSV file with the details of the coupon: you will need to specify the code and conditions of the coupon you want to set up. 

There is a test file that you can download, click on the icon next to OK 


👉 It will help you fill out the CSV file in the correct format, with appropriate data.


  • Each coupon is for single use.
  • It is not possible to change the background color of the coupon code message.


💡 If you want the coupon to be used multiple times by multiple customers during a chosen period, you need to make it permanent. To do this, simply click on the padlock icon in the Make Permanent section


6- Set up the message visible on the thank you page: To do this, please contact our support indicating the details of the text you want to display on your thank you page.

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