Consult your Account Manag to authorize the transaction absorptions by an SFTP file deposit.

The transactions should be deposited at regular intervals in an SFTP whose division can be chosen:

  1. hosted on the Avis Vérifiés servers
  2. or stored on your own server

Think of communicating the access coordinates by specifying the host, the username, the password, and the port.

SFTP Architecture

By default, the structure of the division is defined as follows:

Path Description
.../orders/ folder of the main deposit
.../orders/success/ sub-folder of the absorbed files
.../orders/error/ sub-folder of the erroneous files

Any transfer in the /orders/ folder will be treated in this manner by our system the day after the deposit between 1:00 and 3:00 am (UTC+1 or UTC+2).

The files will end up in the sub-folders /success/ or /error/ depending on their validity.

Our platform uses a load distributor; think about authorizing the following IP list:,,, and

It is possible to use a unique SFTP for several disassociated accounts in the framework of an international collection or a parent company/subsidiary device.

Below is an illustrative example:

Country Path
France .../fr_FR/orders/
France .../fr_FR/orders/success/
France .../fr_FR/orders/error/

United States

United States .../en_US/orders/success/
United States .../en_US/orders/error/
... ...


File format

The characteristics to respect are the following:

File type

Encoding UTF-8 sans BOM
Delimiter ";" (semicolon separator)
Date format AAAA-MM-JJ

The content of the deposited files is set by the type of your collection:

  • Example of online collection without product: https://www.avis-verifies.com/avis-clients/widget/av_file_manager/wiki/orders-file-example-without-products.csv
  • Example of online collection with product: https://www.avis-verifies.com/avis-clients/widget/av_file_manager/wiki/orders-file-example.csv
  • Example of offline collection without product: https://www.avis-verifies.com/avis-clients/widget/av_file_manager/wiki/orders-file-offline-example-without-products.csv
  • Example of offline collection with product: https://www.avis-verifies.com/avis-clients/widget/av_file_manager/wiki/orders-file-offline-example.csv

You can verify the validity of the documents at any time in your space (Integration --> Applications --> Test a command file)

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