The different methods of requesting reviews

Simple interface

Verified Reviews offers a link between all proprietary solutions, point-of-sales software, CRM and e-commerce modules.

The wide variety of connectors and methods to automate data transfer allows your technical team to choose the one that best suits your infrastructure.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the plug and play module type connectors:

  • Salesforce Cloud
  • Cylande
  • Sora Caisse
  • E-commerce solutions: PrestaShop, Magento et WooCommerce

Online purchases, offline purchases or Click & Collect

Verified Reviews also enables differentiation between transactions carried out online, in person, with a Click & Collect service (also called Web-to-Store) or in a shop with a tablet based ordering system, with the aim of adapting the collection tools directed to your clients.

Transactions and products

Within the Avis Vérifiés system, an order (meaning the act of purchase) can include one or several products, which give you the possibility to query your clients about:

  1. your online store, shop, agency, brand, establishment...
  2. and/or your products, services, benefits, subscriptions...

Survey your clients with a delay

To obtain pertinent reviews about their experience, you can query your clients with a delay before sending the request. This delay is applied from the moment the transaction is received by our service.

This delay can be configured in client account pages, and applied to all orders if it is activated. It can also be applied individually to each order by specifying it when the data is sent to our service.

You can separate brand review and product review request into two, distinct e-mails.

Survey your clients via SMS (depending on commercial offer)

Contact your Account Manager to activate any of the above options.

Collection of reviews via SMS takes place in the following way:

  1. favor SMS over email if the telephone number is known
  2. or complete the e-mail form with an SMS
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