How to add a Brand Widget on my website ? (Old version widget)



This article explains how to add a brand review widget to your website, if you have access to the old version of the widgets.


Summary of the functionality:

The Widget allows you to display your average rating on your website.

The integration allows you to :

  • Reassure your customers, by showing a serious image and a good e-reputation
  • Increase traffic to your site and ensure a better ranking in search engines.



The procedure consists of 2 steps:

A/ A Configuration on your Ratings & Reviews Back Office

B/ An Integration on your website


A/ Configuration on your Rating & Reviews Back Office:

1. Log in to your Ratings & Reviews account

2. Click on the menu Integration - Integrate my Widgets. You will find here a catalog with all the widgets that are available:




3. Configure the widget by choosing a :

  • Display : The widgets are desktop/mobile responsive, however, you can choose different widgets depending on the device.
  • Type : Fixed or floating.
  • Position : We advise you to make the widget visible enough in the homepage, because it is the first impression of your brand.
  • Certificate : You can choose if your certificate is displayed in a new window or withing your pop-up.
  • Fancybox : Please, do not change this setting.

4. Click on Create widget. You will then have the option to choose the scale of the rating (average rating out of 5 or 10) and it's size.


B/ Integration on your website:

1. After configuring and creating your widget, click on Integrate to get the widget script:



2. If you use a module (PrestaShop, Magento...), you must copy the script in the module configuration page.

  • On your Ratings & Reviews Back Office, click on Integration - Configure my module or Collect reviews -  Configure my module:


3. If you don't use a module, and you want to integrate the script directly in your code : 

  • For a fixed widget:
    Paste the code in the desired location on your site.
    For example, if you want to position your widget in the footer, paste the code in the footer tag. Save your changes and open your site to view the widget.
  • For a floating widget:
    Paste the code in the header tag. Save your changes and open your site to view the widget.



If you have difficulties integrating the widget script into your site's code, we invite you to reach out to your technician or the person in charge of your website development.


Please, note also that the widget will only display reviews once you have at least 3 published reviews.


C/ Horizontal/vertical iframe Widget:

You have the possibility to add an iframe that displays the average rating as well as the last published reviews (The displayed reviews are random and bound to changes occasionally):




In order to do so, you need to set the display parameters, get the widget script and integrate it on your website. You can modify some elements with CSS, for example, the background color.



The iframe must show the date of the order as well as the date the review was submitted. Do not hesitate to write a ticket to our support team if this is not the case


D/ Custom widget:

Finally, if you want to use your own widget, you can retrieve your ratings and the number of reviews dynamically through the url at the bottom of the page:


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