Synchronization feed: Brand and product reviews


The collected reviews are deposited each night at 3 am on the (S)FTP partition of your choice in CSV or XML format.

You can configure the feedback flow through your back office space at any time (Integration → Retrieve your reviews → Flow management), the identifiers of which will remain confidential. We can create an SFTP account on our servers if needed.

Configuring a flow

Here are the values to fill in:


We offer you two formats CSV and XML. These two formats will be explained later in this document.
Transfer method We provide two methods; FTP and SFTP file transfer. Attention, switch the Port according to your server.
Server Definition of the IP address or the Host on which we are going to connect
Username Login ID to your FTP / SFTP server (we must have the access rights)
Password Password to your FTP/SFTP account
Port Listening port of your FTP / SFTP service
Directory path  A path in which files will be dropped.

You can then:

  • Connection test ”: Immediately test if we are able to connect to your FTP / SFTP account. (We do not check access rights)
  •  "Test the reviews feed": Immediately send a data feed to the FTP / SFTP (on a daily basis or fully).

Interpret a NEW, DELETE, UPDATE action

Each line (or XML node) of the synchronization files has a type indicating the action that will be performed in your database:

NEW New review published, you must add this review to your database

The review has undergone a modification, all the data of the review (personal data of the buyer, his review, the answers on the review) must be updated, for example a response has been made to the ''review” by the brand or the customer

★If the consumer asks us to anonymize their personal data, the information will be replaced by “Anonymous”

DELETE The review has been permanently refused, you must remove this review from your database


Files formats 

  • CSV
    • Encoding : UTF8 No-Bom
    • Delimiter: tab (\t)
  • XML 
    • Encoding : UTF8 No-Bom

Examples are available on this page.

File naming 

The files are named according to the following format:

  • Brand reviews : reviews_type_<idWebsite>_<date>.<file_type>
  • Product reviews : reviews_product_<idWebsite>_<date>.<file_type>



nature of the content

Example: site ou product reviews

idWebsite user identification

Date format

Example: 2020-01-01

file_type File format

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