Displaying stars in Google search results: Rich Snippets

How do Rich Snippets work?

Product ratings are identified in page code using Aggregate Rating & reviews structured data.

They are considered by search engines as additional information that will be displayed in search results, just like stars and the number of product reviews.


What are the Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are additional information displaying stars and product reviews in a search result under the meta title or meta description.

Product snippets involve product reviews only.

Google uses enriched extracts to improve the display of results and provide important information directly to SERPs.


Review extensions appear in Google search results (Search Engine Results Page) under the product title or description, for example:



How does it work? 

Product ratings are identified in the code of pages using Aggregate Rating & reviews structured data, and are considered by search engines as additional information that will be displayed in search results, just like stars and the number of product reviews.


What are the benefits of Rich Snippets? 

Similar to Google Seller Ratings, it's a way of promoting trust and transparency.

By activating them, merchants can improve:

  • Their e-reputation
  • Visibility and position in search results
  • CTR of search results
  • Ad position in search results
  • Volume of organic (free) traffic


How do I implement review extracts in search results? 

If you use the:

Our modules take into account the latest Google rules on rich snippets. We therefore invite you to update the extension as regularly as possible, and to activate the Rich Snippets option.


Here's the documentation for each module:


If you're not using a module:

You have a customized display of your product reviews: we invite you to contact one of your technicians to integrate Rich Snippets product.

You display your product reviews via the TagJS functionality: activate Rich Snippets from your Verified Reviews customer area, in the menu View reviews > Applications :



The "data-product-rs-id" property must be filled with the @id specified in @type "Product":




There is no guarantee that eligible pages will always benefit from these advanced experiences.


How can I check that my product pages generate Rich Snippets? 

To check whether your product pages are correctly optimized and generate Rich Snippets, you can run a simple test.

Copy the URL of your product page and paste it into Google's Rich Results test

 ⇒ https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool?hl=fr.

The page will be analyzed to create a report. If there are any problems or warnings, they will be highlighted.

You can also consult your Search Console account, exactly in the Product Extracts section, to see the errors detected by Google.


How to correct Rich Snippets errors?

If you encounter errors, you need to tag your website's pages according to Google's latest review rules: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/review & https://schema.org/Product

→ We invite you to get in touch with an SEO expert to correct the errors you encounter.


💡 Useful links:

You can find all the information about Rich Snippet Product on these links:

 ⭐ Good to know:

If you're implementing Rich Snippets modifications, we invite you to force Google to index your site.

Here's the link: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/crawling-indexing/ask-google-to-recrawl?hl=fr

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