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About Google Seller Ratings

Google Seller ratings are a type of automatic extension of Ads and Shopping campaigns, which highlight the favourable reviews received by merchants, in the form of stars: they are also called Google Seller Ratings, not to be confused with Google Customer Reviews.

Seller Ratings are displayed on three levels:

- under Google Ads text ads
- in Shopping ads
- in Google's free product listings

Here are some examples: 



How do Google Seller Ratings work? 

Google gathers reviews from reliable sources that collect reviews of merchants/advertisers on a country-by-country basis.
There are three sources of reviews that are taken into account by Google, which will “consolidate” them in order to give Internet users an overall average rating: 

  • Source 1: Google Customer Reviews: a free programme that collects reviews after purchases on behalf of merchants
  • Source 2: statistical surveys conducted by Google to measure post-purchase satisfaction
  • Source 3: reviews of purchases related to your store/e-shop domain (this includes reviews from many independent sources, such as Verified Reviews by Skeepers

Which performance indicators are impacted by the implementation of Seller Ratings? 

The display of stars improves Ads's visibility and is a lever that promotes trust and transparency. By activating them, advertisers improve : 

- their e-reputation

- the click-through rates of ads

- ad position in search results

- the volume of paid traffic

Prerequisites for displaying Google Seller Ratings

Synchronisation with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is possible when you reach the theoretical threshold of 100 brand reviews and your average rating is above 3.5/5.

Unlike Google Customer Reviews, it is not necessary to have a Google Merchant Center account or to activate your “Customer Reviews” page. 

💡Good to know

You can check at any time that the feed has been correctly transmitted using the following link:{votresiteweb}&c={LANG}&v=9
{LANG} can contain: FR, US, ES, IT etc ...


The extensions cannot be displayed if you use a URL with subdomains in your campaigns ( for example)

The domain of the visible  AD URL must correspond to the one for which Google has the reviews, for example the URL of a product sheet. 

Only Google decides whether or not to display the stars. If the stars are not displayed, check that your reviews have been received by Google

  • if yes: send your request to Google Ads
  • if not: contact us via the support from your customer area

Official Google documentation: merchant-review-feeds merchant-review-feeds/ publisherguideline

Check the data transmitted to Google: 

You can check the correct transmission of the feed at any time using the following link :
{LANG} can contain : FR, US, ES, IT etc ...

Important : 
You can test your search at any time via the following link:


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