Why are negative reviews important?

Why shouldn't you be afraid of negative reviews?

This is often the first fear when it comes to customer reviews: How should you react to negative reviews? Will they be published?

This fear is often unjustified, as this type of review is essential and necessary for every merchant.

Every company wants to have the best possible e-reputation; but in some cases, negative reviews can paradoxically have beneficial effects.

They lend credibility to your positive reviews

According to a study by Forbes.fr, "68% of consumers have more confidence when they see positive AND negative reviews".

The goal isn't to get 100% positive reviews!

Consumers are aware that no company is infallible: even e-commerce leaders make mistakes in order preparation or shipping.

Consumers may even have doubts about a company that displays only positive reviews, as this could be synonymous with a lack of transparency, manipulation or even cheating.

They help identify areas for improvement

No review is truly negative!

Consumers don't expect a site to be error-free. On the other hand, they do expect customer service to be attentive and responsive when problems arise.

Negative reviews are therefore a great opportunity for you to show how you handle customer relations following a dispute.

In fact, 95% of dissatisfied customers return to buy from the site in question if their problem has been dealt with. Dissatisfaction can therefore be a way of building customer loyalty by taking the time to listen and respond.

They're part of your external communication strategy

By taking the time to respond to negative reviews, and by providing a clear and transparent answer, you'll be responding not only to dissatisfied customers, but also to future buyers!

This will show them that you have a customer service that is attentive to their feedback.

How to correctly respond to a negative review

It is essential to respond to negative reviews! Your customer will feel acknowledged, and potential readers of the review will also be reassured to see that you take consumer comments and disputes seriously.

Here is how to respond well to a negative review:

  1. Thank the author for leaving a review
  2. Personalize your responses as much as possible
  3. Focus first on the comments, not the rating
  4. Do not take anything personally against the consumer
  5. Apologize (even if the fault lies with your service provider)
  6. Be as concrete as possible
  7. Respond as quickly as possible
  8. Keep it brief
  9. Offer a solution
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