Collect reviews : Email & form

The collection of post-purchase reviews is an essential step to:

  • Strengthen e-reputation and brand image
  • Demonstrate reassurance throughout the customer journey
  • Improve natural referencing
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Increase loyalty and engagement of satisfied customers
  • Identify and act quickly on detractors

But to efficiently achieve these goals, you need to use the right tools!

By retrieving your orders from your Rating & Reviews account, you can survey all your customers by sending them a review request email. This email contains a direct and unique link to your review request form.


We invite you to contact our support if you wish to modify your email & form. Indeed, some customizations are subject to specific pricing offers (colors, wording, additional questions, packaging, etc.).


The email contains:

  • The order date (or service)
  • The content of the order, if you have set up product review collection (via API, FTP or Module)
  • The question regarding the brand review request (to evaluate the satisfaction following the experience with your brand)
  • The redirection link to the form


E-mail: what you can customize

  • The subject of the email, your logo and the text "Your opinion matters".
  • The civility of the customer and the following written content
  • The possibility to mention the products on which the customer is solicited
  • The button "I did not receive my order" can be removed
  • The color of the banner and the text
  • The color of the stars and the text in general
  • The call to action "Give my opinion" can be displayed as text or as a button


EN - Email.png


Best Practice

  • The sender and the subject of the e-mail are the first points of contact with your customers. The sender in the name of the trusted third party (Rating & Reviews sends...) is a guarantee of reassurance. The subject line should be short and punchy. You can add an emoji to make it more dynamic.
  • The introduction of the e-mail is your second chance to make a good first impression. Remember to personalize the identity of the recipient.
  • The content of the e-mail must be clear and synthetic. The customer must understand at a glance the reason for the request. We advise you to mention the products purchased that require a notice (a maximum of 3 products can be named or presented visually. These 3 products will be selected randomly).
  • The button I did not receive my order is optional. However, we recommend mentioning it in the email. If a customer clicks on it, a new notification request will be sent automatically 2 weeks later.


Mistakes to avoid

  • Be careful not to fall into the trap of ultra-personalization or advertising solicitation. The request for advice must remain neutral. It is not a pretext for promoting your brand or other products/services.
  • The Rating & Reviews logo must appear clearly in the email. Consumers must understand that their feedback will be collected by a certified, trusted third party, and not directly by the brand.
  • No compensation is allowed in the review request email. The company should not promise rewards that would encourage post-purchase reviews. Remember: Rating & Reviews's approach is based on transparency and authenticity. On the other hand, a gift voucher may be offered on the thank-you page, after the review has been submitted.
  • At no time should the content of the e-mail influence the customer to post positive reviews.



Your form includes questions related to brand and product reviews.


Form: what you can customize

  • The header text
  • The color of the banner
  • The possibility to add questions conditioned, or not, according to the previous answers
  • The brand logo in PNG or JPG format
  • The background image and background color (without too much detail, in JPG or PNG 4MO max)
  • The wording of the questions, to collect notes or verbatim
Form EN.png


Best Practice

The review form allows you to collect at least a 5-star satisfaction rating and a comment related to the shopping experience. Questions related to the products can be added. The e-commerce should then build its questionnaire in two parts.

To collect a precise feedback, enrich your form with targeted questions, on the quality of a product, the ease of use, the experience in store...

To limit the risk of getting lost, keep in mind that the number of questions should be limited to 4 to 5 per part and that closed questions/answers should be preferred.


 Mistake to avoid

  • The form is used to measure customer satisfaction following a purchase experience. It should not be used to conduct a more global survey, with too many requests! Sociodemographic questions have no place in these requests.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pre-fill in the form for the customer. The latter must be free to share their experience with transparency, without feeling manipulated.
  • The Afnor certification to which we are subject is strict on this subject: the score displayed must be unique and must not be the object of several average scores. The additional questions in your form will not be included in your overall score. The overall score for a product or brand cannot be recalculated or changed.
  • In collection emails as well as forms, the mention Verified Reviews must be included. It is strictly forbidden to remove the logo or the legal notices related to the collection, moderation and distribution of reviews by the trusted third party.


Good to know

You have the option to defer sending the product notification request

You also have the ability to display your product reviews on your product sheets, thanks to our new product widget 🔔 New : Product Widget (Display your product reviews)

If you want to make any changes to your review request email, please contact our support.


Sending reviews request : 3 tips to follow

  • Define the criteria that determine the date of sending the form
  • Carry out tests
  • Define a reminder policy
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