Explanations of the reasons for rejecting a review

1. The filed review is considered inappropriate, abusive, defamatory, discriminatory, adversarial, racist, or involves a call for legal action:

If you believe that the review is inappropriate, contains insults, seeks to dishonour you, is racist, accuses you of illegal practices, or contains an intention to press charges (e.g., "I'm going to press charges", "scam", "theft", "false advertising", etc.) you have the possibility to report it for this reason.

2. The review cannot be considered true because Verified Reviews has contradictory elements:

If you think that the review does not reflect reality and you have proof of this, the review may be removed. Example: 2/5 with the comment "Disappointed, customer service has not answered me" you will have to send us proof that your customer service has replied to the customer before the review was written.

3. The rating does not match the commentary:

In this case, a comment that is blatantly inconsistent with the grade. Example: 1/5 with the comment "Great!“

4. The review focuses only on the features of the purchased product or service:

5. Elements describing the consumer experience are not filled in or are considered unintelligible:

If the Review Manager considers that the review does not provide any information about the shopping experience (example: 1/5 "lame") or that it cannot be understood by most people, the review may be refused (a spelling mistake is therefore not a reason for refusal)

6. The review is deemed to bias the average of the rated company or contains concrete elements of conflict of interest:

The consumer wants to lower the merchant's rating and leaves negative reviews on other platforms or due to a conflict of interest (the review's creator is for example a competitor, a former employee or someone blackmailing you). It will be mandatory to provide us with proof that this consumer is trying to harm you.

7. The review is unrelated to the topic being rated:

The review is not about the shopping experience or your website, e.g. the consumer is on the wrong website.

8. The review contains information of a personal nature or insults:

For your information, reviews including personal data (last name related to the order, phone number and email) or insults are automatically reported to our moderators.

9. The review mentions the name of a competitor and/or encourages buying from the competition:

The review encourages your customers to make a purchase elsewhere or explicitly mentions the name of one of your competitors.

10. The review's creator states that they are not yet in a position to evaluate the rated company or have not used its services:

The review clearly indicates that your client has not yet completed their consumer experience and therefore cannot file a review.

11. The rated company has intervened in the handling of the dispute, and the creator of the review wishes to update it:

When you flag a review for this reason, the consumer receives an email asking if they wish to modify it following your intervention. If the customer does not wish to update their review, or does not respond, the review will be published as is. If they wish to update it, the review will be refused and they will receive a new review form.

12. The creator of the review has contacted Verified Reviews or the rated company to modify or remove their review:

The customer has contacted you asking you to modify or withdraw their review and you have proof of this.

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