Capping, or how to manage the marketing pressure for your consumers?

If you have regular customers, we offer the option to enable a feature to prevent over-surveying these customers: it's called Capping.

This way, your regular customers won't be surveyed with every order on your website.

It allows you to control marketing pressure by:

  • Avoiding over-solicitation (especially for regular customers):
  • Adapting the frequency of review requests based on the season or time of the year (for example, during sale periods or year-end holidays).

Summary of the functionality

Capping, how does it work ?

Based on the order reference or the consumer's email, it is possible to block the sending of review requests for a specific period of time.

For example, if multiple orders associated with the same reference or email are received within a certain time frame, the review request email will not be sent to the consumer.

Example of use

Some customers purchase your services/products several times a month, and you don't want to solicit them with every transaction. Marketing pressure management allows you to adjust the time interval between each review request. You can set a delay so that customers who have already left a review only receive another email, for example, after 30 days.

How to find capped requests?

✨ New version

From the Review Collect reviews/Reviews Request Follow up menu, you can find the review requests that have been capped. In the request status, you will see that it has not been sent.

🖥️ Historical version 

From the Collect Review/Review Request Reporting menu, you can locate the review requests that have been capped.

These are indicated by the red pause icon II



The procedure for enabling and configuring review request reminders will depend on the version of your account (historical version or new version).

Please click on the category that corresponds to your menu:

New version

🖥️ Historical version





New version

1. Click on the Collect reviews in the left-hand menu of the interface, and then on Configuration.

2. Go to the Marketing Pressure section. 

3. Select the delay and status of your choice. 

4. Click on Save at the top right of your screen.

🖥️ Historical version

If you have access to the historical platform, this option must be enabled by our teams. If you are interested in this option, please contact our Customer Care, specifying the type of capping you are interested in:

  • By order reference: Prevents over-soliciting a customer for the same order.
  • By status: Prevents over-soliciting a customer by choosing a time interval between each review request (from 1 month to 12 months) and the status to be considered (email read, form opened, review submitted, etc.).
  • By number of orders: Prevents exceeding a certain number of orders.


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