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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses, featuring email and SMS marketing automation. Some of the main features of Klaviyo include:

Personalization of emails: The ability to pull in information on products and orders to personalize emails with drag and drop email design.

Management of email campaigns: Order follow-ups triggered from customer profiles and purchase history with email flows based on different segments of customer base.

Website tracking: Built in tools permit collection of emails through forms, popups and fly outs



Verified Reviews Integration


The Integration allows for product reviews to be placed directly into emails, giving personalised email content. Product reviews will be updated dynamically as and when customers deposit reviews providing real time up to date customer voice to be placed into your emails.


1.    Classic Set up


1.1.   Create Data Feed


The first step is to connect Klaviyo to your Verified Reviews account by means of configuring a Data Feed. To start with you will need the Data Feed link which can be found at the following location within your Verified Reviews account, menu option Integrations -> Applications, please refer to the below screenshot.



Once you have copied the Data Feed link go to your Klaviyo back office and create the Data Feed, please refer to below screenshot, ensure to choose Add Web Feed.




Choose a name for your Data Feed, ensure to keep this name, as it will be used later when adding the code snippet to your email. Finally copy the Data Feed link to the field Feed URL, leave field Request Method as GET and field Content Type as JSON, refer to below screenshot. In the example below we have called the Feed Name, avisverifies, however you are free to use any name you wish. Just remember you will use this Feed Name later when setting up the Email Code snippet.




Finally test the Data Feed has been established by clicking on Preview, if all has gone well you should see JSON data appear, please refer to below screenshots.





Please note you must have at least three 5 star product reviews available within your account for the Data Feed to use, otherwise a message will appear indicating that this condition has not been met.


1.2.   Email Code Snippet


In order to add the most recent 5 star reviews to your Klaviyo emails, add the Email code snippet to your Klaviyo template emails. This code snippet can be found within your Verified Reviews account, at the following location menu option Integrations -> Applications, please refer to the below screenshot. Click on the copy button and after go to your Klaviyo back office. Please note you can choose whichever colour which pleases for the review stars.




Please note the feed_name is highlighted in blue, this will need to be changed to the name of the Data Feed you created earlier, how to do so is explained further in this document.




Within your Klaviyo back office go to the Email template that you wish to add the reviews too. For example to modify a campaign email template, click on Campaigns, choose a template and continue to this screen as per below figure, click on Edit Content.






On the following screen, click and drag a text block to the email template, at a location where you wish to add your reviews.





Once you have added the text box to your email at a location where you wish to display the product reviews, please proceed to double click on the box in order to add the Email Code snippet you copied from your Verified Reviews account.






1.3.   Change Feed Name


Once you’ve double clicked on the text box, click on Source, as per below screenshot. Then paste the Email Code Snippet you copied over from your Verified Reviews account. Make sure to change the name of the feed, to the name of the data feed you created earlier and after click on Save, please refer to the below figures.








1.4.   Read Data Feed


Finally ensure you read in the Data Feed, by clicking on the Data Feeds icon, bottom right of page and choosing the Data Feed which you have created earlier. Click on the checkbox on the popup and after click save, please refer to below figures.







Lastly Save Content, the 3 most recent reviews should now appear on your template email at the location you specified within the text box. Please note Klaviyo regularly updates the Data Feed with the most recent product reviews available from your Verified Reviews account.





2.    Advanced Set up

2.1.   Several Review Blocks


Please note it is possible to add reviews at different locations within the Email template, simply add another Text box and complete the procedure as described in classic set up earlier in this document, please refer to below figure. For example if you wish to add one review in one location and another review or several reviews in a different location. Please refer to the section below for changing the default number of reviews.




2.2.   Data Feeds with Products


By default the most recent 5 star product reviews will display however it is possible to create a Data Feed where only reviews within the product ids that you indicate will be retrieved. To create a Data Feed based on selected product reviews, please go to your account with us, Integration -> applications and enter the product ids in the box provided and afterwards click on copy, please refer to below figures.







This will return only reviews that are connected to these product ids. Please note the products ids must be separated by a comma. After create a new Data Feed with the link you just copied as listed above in the section Classic Set Up. Please note if there are no product reviews available for the product ids which you provided then the Data Feed will return back empty.



2.3.   Removing individual reviews


To remove an individual review please remove the number from the Email Code snippet. For example if you are unhappy with the first review, simply remove the number and replace with another review. The numbers represent indexes, at least 3 reviews and potentially up to 100 reviews can be indexed if your account has this number of reviews available.






2.4.   Displaying more than 3 reviews


By default the three most recent 5 star product reviews are displayed, however potentially up to one hundred product reviews are permitted if available within your Verified Reviews account. Please note by default, the first three reviews are displayed, they are highlighted in blue within the Email Code Snippet, please refer to figures below.





To alter the number of product reviews simply change the number or add numbers within the inverted commas. To display the first five reviews, simply add the numbers to the Email Snippet code within Klaviyo, please refer to below screenshot.





To display the eleventh, twentieth and thirty first, please refer to below screenshot.




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