I can't find my reviews from the Reviews Management menu

The Reviews Management menu is the page that gathers all your brand and product reviews.

On this page, you are able to manage and moderate your reviews :

  • Publish positive reviews 

  • Respond to your reviews

  • Report the negative 

If you are not able to find your reviews when accessing this menu, don't worry. It may be due to incorrect use of the filters on the left side of the page.



How to get my reviews back in the Reviews Management menu ? 

Step 1 : Go to the Reviews Management menu by clicking on the Star icon on the left side of the interface. As a reminder, please note that your brand reviews are available under the Brand Reviews tab, and product reviews under the Product Reviews tab.

Step 2 : In order to find your reviews, it is mandatory to apply at least one date filter from the following list :

  • Experience date: order date
  • Review date : date on which your consumer submitted their review through the form
  • Publication Date : date à on which the review has been published

Step 3 :If, after applying a date filter, you still can't find the reviews you've collected, consider checking the other available filters. It's possible that one or more other filters are selected.


👉 If, after performing these actions and checking all the filters, the reviews still do not appear, feel free to contact our team through our contact icon.

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