The four review status

There are 4 different review statuses.

These reviews will appear in your interface once collected, depending on their status.

Reviews in moderation

These are reviews that are potentially problematic, not yet visible to users.

Several reasons can explain why a review is in moderation: 

Reason for moderation

Detailed Explanation

Reviews have a score below the defined threshold 

By default, reviews of 1/5 and 2/5 are automatically placed in moderation. The moderation threshold is customizable.

Reviews contain insults or personal data

The detection of insults or personal data (last name, email, or phone number) puts the review in moderation.
Reviews contain monitored words

You have the option to configure words to watch, which will automatically place reviews in moderation, regardless of the rating. For example, you can create a "competitors" category and place your competitors' names there.

Reviews with five identical characters To avoid reviews of the type "aaaaa"


  • Reviews remain in moderation for a period of seven days. At the end of this period, and without action on your part, the review will be published automatically. During this period, you will have the opportunity to respond to the review, publish it, or flag it
  • Reviews are published in chronological order. Therefore, a review in moderation will block the publication of all reviews that arrive after it (even if they are positive).

Reviews awaiting publication

A review is awaiting publication when it is ready to be published.

A positive review submitted on the same day will remain "awaiting publication" until the next morning. At around 9 a.m., it will automatically switch to "Published" status.

If after 9 a.m., the review is still in "Awaiting publication" it means that at least one review submitted earlier is still "in moderation". Indeed, reviews are published in chronological order (a rule imposed by AFNOR and French law (decree 2017-1436)). To unblock the publication of reviews, you must therefore handle the review in moderation, either by publishing it or reporting it.

Published Reviews

You will find published reviews on your attestation, in the case of brand reviews, and on your product pages in the case of product reviews.

Reviews are published in chronological order.

Brand reviews are displayed on the attestation of reviews, and product reviews are displayed on your product pages. Once in the "Published Reviews" category, the reviews are visible to users.

To access your attestation, users just need to click on the widget present on your site.

Rejected Reviews

When a review is rejected, it is not visible to users, and will never be.

Rejection can be automatic if our moderators detect insults or personal data in the review or manual following a report from you.

When a review is rejected, the user receives 2 emails:

  • The first informs them of the rejection of their review, along with the associated reason for rejection.
  • The second allows them to submit a new review, this time in compliance with our Terms of Use.
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