The four review status

There are 4 different notification statuses.

Once collected, these reviews will appear in your interface according to their status:

  • In moderation
  • Awaiting publication
  • Published
  • Refused


⚠️ Reviews in moderation

These are potentially problematic reviews that are not yet visible to other Internet users.

There are several reasons why these reviews are in this category:

Reasons for moderation

Detailed explanation

Reviews whose rating is less than the defined threshold

By default reviews of 1/5 and 2/5 are automatically placed in moderation. That could also incorporate the other ratings if you modify the configuration through your back-office (Settings > Moderation threshold)

Reviews that contain insults or personal data

Reviews containing insults or personal information (family name related to the order, phone number, and email address) are automatically referred to our moderators.
Reviews with banned words

In Settings > words to watch you can create categories and set
banned words in them, which will automatically put the reviews in moderation, whatever the
rating. For example, you can create a " competitors" category and insert the names of your
competitors. (Settings > Words to watch)

Reviews with a repetition of five identical characters To avoid reviews such as "aaaaa".


These reviews remain in this category for a period of seven days. At the end of this period, without any action on your part, the review is automatically published. During this period, you will be able to take several actions, such as replying to reviews, publishing them and, if necessary, reporting them


⌛ Reviews awaiting publication

The review is in this category when it is ready to be "Published", but is "blocked" by one of the following situations:

A positive review published the same day will remain "awaiting publication" until the following morning. At around 9am, it will automatically switch to "Published" status.


If, after 9am, the review is still in "Waiting for publication" status, this means that at least one previously submitted review is still in the "in moderation" category. To unblock the situation, you have two options: publish the review or request its rejection.


✔️ Published reviews

Reviews are published in chronological order.

Brand reviews are displayed on the review certificate, and product reviews are displayed on your product pages. Once in the "Published reviews" category, reviews are visible to Internet users.

To access your certificate, users simply click on the widget on your website.


❌ Refused reviews

When a review is refused, it is not visible to Internet users and never will be.

Refusal can be automatic if our moderators detect insults or personal data in the review, or manual following a report from you.


When a review is rejected, the user receives 2 emails:

  • The first informs them that their review has been rejected, along with the reason for the rejection.
  • The second allows them to submit a new review, this time in compliance with our General Terms and Conditions of Use.


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