How to flag a review?

During the moderation process, you have the option to flag a review. This means you can request its publication to be canceled.

 A review can only be reported if it falls under a reason identified by AFNOR, you cannot report a review simply because it is negative.

It is mandatory to respond to the review before reporting it. 

Our Moderation team will analyze your request and either reject or accept the review. 

Conditions for rejection defined by AFNOR

AFNOR has published a list of 13 reasons allowing the rejection of a review, these requests must, of course, remain exceptional, as most often a negative review will bring real added value to all your reviews.

Here is the list of reasons

  • The submitted review is considered inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, accusatory, racist, or includes a call to legal action.
  • The review cannot be considered truthful because Avis Vérifiés has contradictory elements. 
  • The rating does not match the comment.
  • The review only addresses the characteristics of the purchased product or service and not the overall experience with the rated company.
  • The elements describing the consumer experience are not provided, or are considered unintelligible.
  • The review is identified as aiming to bias the average rating of the rated company or contains concrete elements of conflicts of interest.
  • The review is unrelated to the rated subject.
  • The review contains personal information or any other information likely to identify the author, contact them, or lead to identity theft.
  • The review mentions the name of a competitor and/or encourages buying from the competition.
  • The author specifies in their review that they are not yet able to evaluate the rated company, or that they have not used its services.
  • The review contains promotional elements, is considered spam, and/or mentions websites.
  • The rated company has intervened in the dispute resolution, and the reviewer wants to update it.
  • The reviewer has contacted Verifies Reviews or the rated company to modify or delete their review.

These reasons are also applicable to product reviews.

Find explanations for each reason by clicking HERE 

How to request the rejection of a review?

Step 1

The first step is to respond to the review. Moreover, the "Flag" button will not be activated if you do not respond to the review. It's a good opportunity to interact with your consumer.

Step 2

You must then click the Flag button.

Step 3

Then select a reason for rejection and add a comment to explain to our moderators why this review should be rejected. You also have the option to add attachments to support your report.


In some cases, attachments are mandatory to validate a report!

Reason requiring an attachment Type of proof required Situation
The review cannot be considered truthful because Verified Reviews has contradictory elements. Proof showing that the customer is not telling the truth will be requested. If the person complains about a delayed delivery when they have been delivered on time, you will need to provide us with the delivery tracking.

The review is identified as aiming to bias the average of the rated company or contains concrete elements of conflicts of interest.

Proof showing the consumer's intention to harm your e-reputation. For example, screenshots of negative reviews posted by this person on forums and social networks.

The reviewer has contacted Verified Reviews or the company rated to modify or delete their review.

When the consumer contacts you, you will need to provide us with evidence that the person wants to modify or remove their review.

The person writes you an email expressing the intention to modify or remove their review. You will need to attach

this proof.

After the rejection request

Once the review is reported, our moderation team will either accept or reject your request.

✔️ If your request is accepted (the review is rejected)

The customer receives an email from us informing them of the AFNOR reason for which we will reject their review. The customer receives a new review request to modify their review if necessary. 

❌ If your request is not accepted (the review is published) 

You receive an email informing you that the review will be published.

You can consult the history of a review at any time by clicking on it.

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