🖥️ Historical version: Automation method for collecting reviews by importing a CSV file

You can import a CSV file from your back office with your orders in order to survey your customers. 

Below you can find the prerequisites, depending on whether you are collecting reviews for the first time or importing it on a one-off basis, as well as the procedure to follow.

If you need to import more than 3000 lines of orders, you will need to split the file and perform the import multiple times.

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First Import

To start collecting reviews, whatever the automation method, you can integrate an orders file  to start collecting their reviews.


  • We advise you to collect orders from the last three months in order to have relevant reviews.
  • Prepare your file with the right format, CSV.
  • Check that all mandatory data is present.

One-off import 

You are using another automation method (SFTP, API, Connector...) but you want to do a one-off import of your orders.


  • Make a request to our technical support so that they can provide you with the functionality.
  • Prepare your file (click to download the file) with the right format, CSV.
  • Date format yyyy-mm-dd
  • Check that all mandatory data is present.
    • order_ref - order/service/sales reference
    • firstname - first name
    • lastname - name
    • email
    • order_date - date of service/sale/order

You can also add a column of the type delay of sending. This allows you to defer the sending of the notice request mail in days

  • If you want to collect product reviews, you need to add in your file  :
    • id_product
    • ulr_product
    • url_image_product
    • gtin_ean*
    • sku*

In case your products are listed in Google Shopping and you want to display the stars : How to display my product reviews on Google Shopping (SERP)?

Process (first collection and punctual import) : 

  • First of all, you have to connect to your Back Office.
    Go to the tab: Collect reviews > Send by File

If you don't have the tab in your Back Office, you have to make a ticket to our support team so that they can give you access. 

You have a short tutorial and video explaining the procedure in your Back Office, and an example of the file to download at the bottom of the article.  

  • Import your CSV file 
  • In the next step, match the columns in the table to those in the Excel file

  • Check that the file is read correctly and that the columns correspond to what you have selected:

  • Finally, you must check the box to confirm the loading of the order







Tick the box to confirm the loading of the orders:




After confirming, wait few minutes, then you can check if the orders have been added in the menu :

Stats > Reporting - Review requests 



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