Display a widget with my module (Prestashop, Woocomerce, Magento)

Setting up the site review widget

Once  you have collected more than three site reviews, you can add our floating widget on your website directly via the module.

Tips : a floating widget will be visible at all times, regardless of the scrolling of the user.

The user has already scrolled down, the floating widget is still visible
  • Go to your Verified Reviews account and click on « Integration  > Site Widget Integration».

  • Choose the widget you prefer, set it as a floating widget then choose the view, the position and  the certification opening type and finally Click on « Create the widget ».


You can combine widgets, e.g. one floating widget for desktop and one for mobile.


Floating widget that is displayed on desktop and mobile.
Floating widget that is displayed only on desktop.
Floating widget that is displayed only on mobile.


  • The widget that you already created is displayed at the top of the page in the section “My WIDGETS”, click on « Integrate » and copy the code from the first insert « Retrieving the widget code » (apart from exceptions).

  • To add the widget script through the module, go to the « Integration » section then « Configure my Prestashop module » and go down to the section « Display widgets ».

  • Select « Yes » for the question « Would you like to display the floating widget? » and paste the script copied previously into the corresponding insert.


If you have created different widgets, eg one floating for Desktop and one floating for mobile, just copy paste the two scripts one after the other.


  • to finish, click on « Send this configuration ».

  • Check on your site (empty the cache if necessary).

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