Create my users

Access tab:

Config. > user management 

In this document you will find the steps to follow in order to manage your users.


Add a user

You can then create new users via this section: 




A window opens and allows you to enter the account information to be created. 

1. Email: Enter the user's login email

2. Associated site(s): Choose the site(s) accessible to this user. This configuration is useful if you have several sites (for example your site is registered on our French and English platform).

3. Associated Role: Choose the role from the list. (see Role) By choosing Store, you will get a list of your shops, sorted by site, and can choose which ones are accessible to them.

4. Enable notifications: Enable or disable sending email notifications for this user.

5. Password creation email: Check to send the password creation email to the user. If you uncheck this box, you will have the option to send this email later via the interface. This setting is useful if you want to create access but wait to communicate internally about it before sending the email.





Rest a user's password

If a user has lost their password, you can reset it via the following button:


The user will receive an email inviting him to create a new password.

You can also perform this action on several users at the same time: 




Other possible actions

mceclip8.pngYou can alos delete or edit a user. 


Cases cases: 

mceclip9.png Only this icon is visible: The user who created the account cannot be edited from this page. Go to the Config > My Account page.
mceclip11.png It is not possible to edit the user: contact our support.


More information about the columns:



The status indicates whether the user is active on the site, deactivated or awaiting validation.


The role of the user from the list when the user was added.
This role can be changed.



These are E-mails notifying the user of review activity (new review, negative review, consumer response...) This functionality can be turned on or off.



Liste of stores (shops) that the user can have access.






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