How to add a new user on my account ?

You have the option, independently, to add new users to your account and configure their permissions.


To create a new user, you must have an administrator role. If not, please contact an administrator of your account.


> Click on the version that corresponds to your menu: 

✨ New version 🖥️ Historical Version


✨ New Version

  • Go to "Account Management" > "Users" from the left sidebar menu.
  • Click on the left button "Add a new user" :

  • Complete the required information and select the role you want to assign: Administrator or Moderator.

Administrator: access to all account features
Moderator: limited access to review processing


Importing multiple users at once:

To save time, you have the option to import multiple users at once.

  • To do this, click on "Import users" :

  • Download our Pre-filled File and complete it with the information indicated below:

  • Once the file is completed, drop it in the dedicated area:

  • Your contacts are then automatically added to your account!


Resetting a User's Password

  • Click on the user of your choice in the list.
  • Click on the "Reset Password" button on the right-hand panel.


🖥️ Historical Version

  • Click on the left menu Account Management - My Users:

  • You will then arrive at the user management interface:


Add a new user

      • Click on the button Add: A window opens and allows you to enter the account information.
        • Email: Enter the user's login email
        • Associated Site(s): Choose the site(s) accessible to this user. This configuration is useful if you have multiple sites (for example, your site is registered on our French and English platforms).
        • Associated Role: Choose the role from the list.


        If you collect OFFLINE brand reviews: in-store reviews. You can choose the Store role. You will get the list of your stores and you can link the user to the corresponding store.

        • Enable notifications : Enable or disable email notification for this user. (Note: if you want to disable notifications for a user, also remember to disable them in the Notifications Management menu)
        • Password creation email : Check to send the password creation email to the user. If you uncheck this box, you will have the option to send this email later via the interface. This configuration is useful if you want to create access but wait to communicate internally about it before sending this email.



Administrator: access to all account features

Statistics: access to all available statistics and dashboards.

Product Manager, Product, Product Reviews: access to all features related to the product, reviews, and KPIs.

Accounting: access to invoicing, payment, and banking information.

IT: access to all configuration pages (FTP, API, configuration, module...)

Moderation, Reviews, Site Reviews: access to all features related to review management.

Provider: access for individuals who are not part of your company but work for you as service providers (for example, a web agency).

Store: access for the store manager, if you have one.


Resetting a User's Password

If a user has forgotten their password, you can reset it using the Padlock button in the Actions column:

The user will then receive an email allowing them to create a new password.

Be sure to check your spam or junk folder, as our emails may sometimes end up there.


Importing Multiple Users at Once:

  • Click on the Import Users button
  • Add your Excel file in CSV format with headers, like this:



How to delete a user?


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