How to add a new user on my account ?

You can, completely independently, add a new user to your account and configure their permissions.



To create a new user, you must have an administrator role. If you don't have an administrator role, contact an administrator of your account.



Click on the tab "Account Management" > "My users":



A new window with the user management interface opens:


Create a new user

  • Click on the Add button: A window opens and allows you to enter the information of the account you want to create.
    • Email: Enter the user's login email
    • Associated site(s): Choose the site(s) accessible to this user. This configuration is useful if you have several sites (for example, your site is registered on our French and English platform).
    • Associated Role: Choose the role from the list.


If you collect brand reviews OFFLINE: Store reviews. You can choose the role Store. You will get a list of your stores, and you will be able to link the user to the corresponding store.

    • Enable notifications: Enable or disable sending email notifications for this user. (Note: if you want to disable notifications for a user, remember to also disable them in the menu My Account - Contact configuration)
    • Password creation email: Check to send the password creation email to the user. If you uncheck this box, you will have the option to send this email later via the interface. This setting is useful if you want to create access but wait to communicate internally about it before sending the email.


🔄 Reset a user's password

If a user has lost their password, you can reset it via the following button:

The user will receive an email inviting him to create a new password. 

If you haven't received the email, don't hesitate to look in your spam or junk mail.


➡️ Import several users at once

  • Click on the Import users button
  • Download your Excel file in CSV format with headers, such as :


💡 How do I delete a user?

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