Answering a review

Whether the review is positive or negative, it is important to respond to your customers.

When you respond to a positive review, the customer will be delighted to read you and buy from your shop again because they will feel heard.

When the review is moderate, or even negative, the customer will be reassured by the fact that you are taking into account their remarks or their complaint. For internet users who read your reviews, this is proof that reinforces the image, responsiveness and quality of your customer service.

To respond to a review, log in to your Verified Reviews client area, then click on a review to which you wish to respond: 




After clicking on the review you will find all the details of the order.

Make use of this opportunity to reply and then publish it or request a refusal.

You can hide or show all the responses related to the review.

As the exchanges linked to the opinions will be published, we advise you not to mention any personal data ( lastname, email, telephone number) in your answers.


How to respond to a review ?

Here are the 9 golden rules we suggest to turn a negative review into a real advantage: 

  • Thank the writer for posting a review
  • Personalise your answers as much as possible
  • Focus on the reviews first, not the rating.
  • Don't blame him personally
  • Do your mea culpa (even if the person responsible is your provider)
  • Keep it as *concrete as possible
  • Reply as soon as possible
  • keep it precise
  • Provide a solution

Optimise your responses with the predefined answers functionality !

You can use a system of predefined answers to respond to the reviews. 

  • Create your answers directly from Settings > Predifined answers ;
  • Check the box to the left of one or more reviews to which you wish to respond; 
  • Click on the "Actions" window that has just been generated.
  • Choose the desired answer and confirm.


Don't hesitate to create several answers on the most recurrent subjects in order to diversify your answers! For example, you can write two different answers to a delivery problem. 

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