How to respond to a review?

Whether they are positive or negative, it is important to respond to the reviews left by your customers.

  • In the case of a positive review, the customer will be delighted to read your response and will be more inclined to make a purchase again in your store because they will feel heard.
  • If the review is mixed or negative, the customer will be reassured to see that you are taking their feedback or dispute into consideration

Furthermore, this ensures the positive online reputation of your brand and customer service. Indeed, internet users who check your reviews and see that you respond to your customers will be reassured to know that you are responsive.


Having a user role that grants you access to review management (administrator, moderator, reviews...)


1. Go to the Reviews Management menu, then click on the review you want to respond to. The order and review details will be displayed:

2. Click on "Reply to the Review"

3. Write your reply and click on "Reply".

4. After responding to the review: You can publish it if it is in "moderation" or "pending" status, so it becomes visible to users.

If it's already published, the response will be automatically visible. You can also request rejection, and if the request is accepted by our moderation team, the review will be declined and will no longer be visible to users. You can also request a rejection, and if the request is accepted by our moderation team: the review will be rejected and will no longer be visible to users.

5. You can hide or show all replies to the review by activating the Hide exchanges option:

9 Golden Rules for responding to a review

  1. Thank the author for posting the review
  2. Personalize your replies as much as possible
  3. Worry about the comments firts, not the ratings
  4. Don't hold anything against the author personnaly
  5. Make your mea-culpa (even if the person responsible is your service provider)
  6. Be as specific as possible
  7. Reply as soon as possible Keep it short!
  8. Propose a solution
  9. Don't forget to optimize your answers with the predefined answers!


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