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Prestashop - Connector documentation

Once the module is installed and configured, everything is automatic:  Verified Reviews communicates directly with your e-commerce solution.

  • Automatic retrieval of orders and requests for reviews : The module communicates your last orders directly to us. Our platform therefore retrieves the orders for which we must send a review request, according to the configuration entered during the setting described in the rest of this document.
  • Display of product reviews on your site : The module allows you to display your collected product reviews directly on your product sheets and consequently reassure your customers about the quality of your products.
  • Displaying the Verified Reviews rating widget : You have the possibility to display a floating widget on your site. This widget allows you to display to your visitors your overall rating Verified reviews and thus reassures the potential customer about the quality of your services.


> Click on the version corresponding to your menu:

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Installation and configuration of the module


There are two seperate ways to install the module

Direct with Module Catalog

  • Connect to your Prestashop backoffice 
  • Click on Module Catalog and search for "netreviews", the module "Verified Reviews" will be returned
  • Click on Install 


  • A success message will appear after installation


Download & Install the module archive

Download the module archive

The module is available for download from Addons marketplace, please create an account on Addons marketplace if you have not already done so

There are two ways to access Addons marketplace.

  • First way by going directly to the Addons marketplace website and searching for the module "netreviews" and downloading the archive 




  • Second way by connecting to Addons marketplace through your backoffice, click on Module Catalog then click on Connect to Addons marketplace if not already connected
    • Click on the tab Module Selections and enter "netreviews" in the Search on Prestashop Addons bar, click enter and you will be redirected to the module page
    • Download the archive






Install the module archive on Prestashop

Here is the list of steps to follow to install the module in your Prestashop environment:

  • Go to your Prestashop back-office (your shop).
  • Click on the menu "Modules > Module Manager" in the menu bar on the left (menu may vary depending on the version of Prestashop).
  • At the top of the page, click on "Install a module" in order to upload the archive (zip) previously downloaded.


  • Now click on the "Select a file" link or directly drag the archive (zip) of the Verified Opinions module into the area provided..


  • A success message should now appear


  • To complete the installation and proceed to the next step, click on the "Configure" button.


Module configuration on Prestashop

To configure the module in the Prestashop environment, please go to the "Modules > Module Manager" menu, in the "Modules" tab locate the Verified Reviews module and click on "Configure".



Before any configuration, in the case of a multi-store Prestashop installation, make sure that the module is activated in the module manager and once on the module configuration page, select the shop concerned via the Prestashop selector at the top of the page.



« Configuration » section

General configuration 

The "CONFIGURATION" section will allow you to activate your module. Simply fill in the two fields "Secret key" and "Website ID" that you can find in your Avis Vérifiés customer area. From the "Config > My Account" menu, copy your integration codes (see image below).



And transfer them to your Prestashop shop in the "CONFIGURATION" section. 


Click on "Save" to activate your module on the Prestashop side. You will then need to complete the activation of the module in your Avis Vérifiés account.

If your Prestashop is in multi-shop mode, you can only connect an Verified Reviews account to one shop (one shop_id). If you want to integrate the Avis Vérifiés module on several shops, you must have as many shops as Avis Vérifiés accounts (different website id and secret key).


Multilingual configuration 

You can choose to activate the multilingual configuration of the module if your website is available in different languages. To do this, you need to have several Verified Reviews accounts on different platforms and complete the Secret Key and Website ID for each account.

For example: your site is available in French, Spanish, Italian and English. To benefit from the multilingual configuration you must have an account on each of these platforms:

The default multilingual configuration has the following behaviour:

  • Each platform collects orders in the language that corresponds to it, which makes it possible to send review request emails in the language of your customer (e.g. on the site in ES, the order will be collected on the platform ) and the collected reviews will be in Spanish and displayed on the ES version of your website.

  • FR product pages will then display the reviews collected on , ES pages will display those from etc.

  • The module also allows, by customising the code, to display all notices in all available languages.


If your website is not available in different languages then you don't have to activate this functionality.


"Export my orders" section

Automatic order retrieval only retrieves orders created after the installation of the module. All orders placed before installation, regardless of subsequent status changes, are considered "not to be recovered".

However, we do offer a tool that will allow you to manually export your first orders and generate your first reviews quickly by surveying the customers of their already placed orders. This tool will allow you to download a CSV file containing the orders and upload it directly to our platform via your account. 


For details on how to do this, see the "First time export of orders" section of this document.


« Design » section

Choose the design for the display of the stars on the product sheets

You have 3 choices regarding the design of the stars at the top of the product sheets:


Change the colors of the stars


Define the number of the displayed product reviews

In the "Design" section, you can also define the maximum number of reviews that you wish to display by default at the bottom of your product sheets. The other reviews will be hidden, the visitor will just have to click on "More reviews..." to see them.


Hide "useful reviews"

Useful reviews are displayed by default in the product review list


You can deactivate them via this button:



View reduced version of the product table

If you want to display the product notification header in a reduced form as for the mobile version:


You can activate this option.



Disable multimedia displays

Media is displayed by default in the product review list
You can disable them via this button:



Show stars on category pages

Our module is embedded with hooks

  • displayProductListReviews if the Prestashop version is < 1.7
  • displayProductPriceBlock (type=”before_price”) If the Prestashop version is > 1.7

After activating this option, if the stars (in the product list) still don't appear, it means that these hooks are not present in your theme. In this case you can add our custom hook directly {hook h='CategorystarsNetreviews' product=$product} in the product-list.tpl file (Prestashop < 1.7) or in the product thumbnail file (on the default Prestashop 1.7 theme, file path themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl)


« Google Rich Snippets » section

Enabling this option will activate Google Rich Snippets on your product pages. Rich Snippets are
structured data that will tell search engines that your product has reviews and will let them know the
number and the average rating.


  • Enable Rich Snippets: to benefit from this feature, you must select "yes".
  • Rich snippets format: in Prestashop themes, the default rich snippets format is microdata, however you have the possibility to choose the Json-ld format. If your theme already has rich snippets, you must select the same format
  • My product page theme already includes Rich Snippets: choose "yes" if your product page already includes the Product tag, we will only include the AggregateRating and Reviews tags. If your product page does not include the Product tag, then choose "no", we will embed all the tags necessary for Google to detect the product.

How do I check that my rich snippets have been included?

Google offers a test tool to check if a web page is eligible for rich snippets, available here 

Simply enter the url of a product page with reviews. Google returns errors in the integration of rich snippets or indicates that the page is eligible for rich snippets by showing a preview of the result.

Note: our module takes care of adding the AggregateRating and Reviews tags and getting an effective preview on Google's test tool, but cannot fully guarantee that the rich snippets will show up in the browser search results, as Google considers many other factors (content quality etc.)


« Debug (Advanced Actions ) » section

if you click on « DEBUG », the advanced options will appear.
This part is usually reserved for Verified Reviews, but you can use it as needed to refine the technical
setup of our module.


 Change the position of the stars on the product page


Our stars are grafted by default on the Extraright hook for Prestashop 1.4 to 1.6 and on the DisplayProductButtons hook for Prestashop 1.7.

In case these hooks are not integrated in the shop theme, you can use one of the 2 other native hooks.

If you don't have these 3 hooks in your shop theme or if the default location doesn't suit you, you can select the "no or personalized hook" option and use our custom hook {hook h='hookExtraNetreviews'} by placing it wherever you want on your product page.


Show tab (x reviews)

You can hide the "x reviews" tab.



Rename the product review tab

This option allows you to change the name of the notification tab, here is an example on the front:



Displaying stars in image format

The default stars are displayed using a font. In the event that your site does not correctly integrate the font, you can activate this option to display the stars in image format. In this case, you will not be able to change the colour via the option seen previously.



Show stars on the homepage

You can disable the category stars on the homepage if you do not want them to be displayed.


Use the unique EAN UPC reference number for product variations


By default, if you have declinations on your products, we retrieve the GTIN_EAN and GTIN_UPC of the declination.

If you enable this option (Yes), we will retrieve the parent product information.


Define the maximum number of products in a request for advice
To avoid asking your customers for feedback on all the products they order, you can set a maximum number of products to be surveyed in the Verified Reviews form. In this case, you do not have the possibility to choose the products to be surveyed.


Purge all orders from this shop
WARNING: this action empties the av_orders table (specific table Checked notices) in the database. This table is our reference table for defining the orders to be retrieved.


Generate lost orders since the installation of the module

If you see that orders corresponding to the configuration defined in your Verified Reviews account have not been retrieved, even though they were created after the module was installed, you can use this option.

  • Generate for the whole period: we will retrieve the missing orders in our av_orders table, orders created since the date of installation of the module.

  • Choose a period: you can specify a period to retrieve these orders. We will retrieve the orders created between the specified dates.

Note: this option does not generate an automatic recovery by our cron. It only populates the av_orders table in the database.

Our auto-recovery cron then uses the contents of the av_orders table and cross-references the data with the orders table to select the orders to recover.

Dashboard and addition of hooks

The "add all hooks" option allows you to regenerate hooks in the event that they have been incorrectly registered, for example. This feature is available from version 1.6 onwards.



Configuration of the module on Verified Reviews

Now that your module is installed and configured on your Prestashop environment, there is one last step to ensure that the module communicates with our platform.

Go to your Avis Vérifiés customer area and click on the menu
"Integration > Configure my Prestashop module".

What to do if the "Configure my Prestashop module" tab does not appear?

If this "Configure my Prestashop module" tab does not appear, it means that your Verified Reviews account has not been configured for Prestashop.

To change this, you must go to Config > My Account

Then in the My Certificate > eCommerce Solution box, choose Prestashop

Save the change by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


Integration codes

Once you have accessed the "Configure my Prestashop module" tab, you will find the integration codes in the "Your integration codes" box. 


Retrieve the site configuration


  • Click on Retrieve site configuration to verify the connection between Avis Vérifiés and your Prestashop site.
  • If a "success" message appears, the module configuration options appear. This means that the communication between your module and our platform is well established.
  • If an error message appears, please contact Avis Veriés support by going to: Config - access support.

Module configuration options

Automatic retrieval of orders

  • Activate automation: Click on yes to activate it. This is the main condition to start collecting your orders.


  • When to collect orders: Here you can choose between two options:
    • when creating the order by choosing "At order": in this case ALL orders will be retrieved (including cancelled orders, refunds etc.)
    • via a specific order status (or statuses) by clicking on "At order status change". If you choose this option, you must select the status(es) from the status list.


Collecting reviews

  • Collecting reviews: you can set a time limit before the review request is issue
    • The first part allows you to select the number of days between the moment the order is collected by our services and the sending of the notification request.image-20210618-202014.png
  • The second part concerns only product reviews. You can choose to separate the sending of review requests to your customers by adding a delay to the sending of the email for product reviews, for example to give the customer time to test the product.
    • Example :
      • How long after this event should we send the request for notification? 3 days

      • How long after sending the site notification request should we send the product notification request? 5 days.

      • For an order collected on the 1st of the month, the brand review request will be sent 3 days later, and the product review request will be sent 5 days later, i.e. 8 days after the order was collected by our services.

  • If you have chosen multiple order recovery statuses, you can configure specific deadlines according to the order status by clicking on "Enable advanced notification deadline configuration".


  • Example: the above configuration allows notification requests to be sent 5 days after their retrieval for orders with a delivered status and 25 days after for those retrieved with a shipped status.

Product options

  • Would you like to receive product reviews? Check "yes" to retrieve product reviews (when we retrieve the orders, we will include the details of the products ordered)

  • Do you want to display product reviews on your product sheets? Check "yes" to display the reviews on the corresponding product sheets


Dispolay the widgets


You can paste the code for the floating widget you have created. Check this article for more details.



First export of orders

To get your first reviews quickly, the Verfied Reviews module includes an order export feature that allows you to generate a properly formatted CSV file that can be uploaded directly to your Verified Reviews Customer Area. The first order export allows you to generate the first reviews quickly by surveying the customers who already placed orders.

  • Go to the back office of your shop and click on "Modules > Module Manager".
  • In the search bar, type "Avis Vérifiés/Verified Reviews".
  • The module should appear in the list, click on "Configure".

Once you are on the module configuration page, go to the "EXPORT MY ORDERS" section.


Details of the options :

  • Since: you can retrieve orders up to 12 months (as defined in our Terms of Use).
  • Retrieve product reviews: select "yes" if you want to retrieve product reviews for these orders (required if you want to survey your products)
  • Export orders with status: you can select one or more recovery statuses

Once you have retrieved the generated csv by clicking on the button at the bottom right, you can go directly to the order upload area via the following url :

You must upload the csv and associate the fields with the columns in the csv file. Be sure to follow the tutorial and check the information provided before validating the import of the orders.

WARNING: If you wish to retrieve product reviews, it is the csv column id_product that must be associated with the "Product reference" field. If you do not select the correct column, the product reviews collected will not be displayed.


Automatic retrieval of orders

General process

We collect your orders according to the configuration you define in your Verified Reviews account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module.

You can track orders retrieved from your account in Stats > Reporting - Notice requests / Product review requests / Delayed product review requests

When we also retrieve the product details, the product reference is the Prestashop ID. If a review is submitted on the product, this review will be associated to the Prestashop ID in your Verified Reviews account. Then this review will be synchronized to your website and will be displayed on the product page corresponding to this Prestashop ID.

Our order retrieval cron checks your site every 6 hours to see if there are any new orders to retrieve.


Retrieval hooks

Our order retrieval system is based on the default Prestashop system: each time an order is validated, we record it via the actionValidateOrder hook in our av_orders table. However, to anticipate the action of some specific modules that modify the Prestashop system, we double check and also use the actionOrderStatusPostUpdate hook to record the orders in our table.


Google Shopping

In order to share your brand reviews with Google Shopping, we need the GTIN_EAN (Europe) or GTIN_UPC (US, Canada) which is the most accurate data for Google or, if applicable, the brand + MPN combination. You should also enter brand and MPN even if you have GTINs: the more information we can provide to Google about your products, the easier it will be for Google to associate reviews with products.


During the automatic retrieval of orders, we automatically retrieve the Google Shopping information as soon as it is correctly filled in on the product sheets of the catalogue in the Prestashop Back-Office.






Display of website reviews

Setting up the Website review widget

Once you have collected more than three site reviews, you can add our floating widget to your website directly via the module.

Note: a floating widget will be visible at all times, regardless of the user's scroll.


The user has already scrolled down, the floating widget is still visible


  • Log in to your Avis Vérifiés account and click on "Integration > Site Widget Integration".
  • Choose the widget you prefer, set it as a floating widget, then choose the display, position and type of opening of the certificate, and finally click on "Create widget".


You can combine widgets, e.g. one floating widget for desktop and one for mobile.

Floating widget that will be displayed on desktop and mobile



Floating widget that will only be displayed on desktop



Floating widget that will only be displayed on mobile


  • The widget you have just created is displayed at the top of the page in the "MY WIDGETS" section, click on "Integrate" and copy the code from the first "Widget code retrieval" insert (with some exceptions).




  • To add the widget script via the module, go to the "Integration" section, then "Configure my Prestashop module" and scroll down to the "Display widgets" section.
  • Select "Yes" for the question "Do you want to display the floating widget?" and paste the script you copied earlier into the corresponding insert.


If you have created different widgets, e.g. a floating one for desktop and another one for mobile, just copy and paste the two scripts one after the other.


To finish, click on "Send this configuration".

Check on your site (empty the cache if necessary).


Widgets modification

To modify a widget that has already been created, go to the "Integration > Site Widget Integration > My Widgets" section and make the desired changes to the widget of your choice and click "Update". We have caching on widgets, so changes will not appear immediately on your site.



Integration of the website review iframe

Once you have collected more than three site reviews you can add an iframe to your site that displays the collected site reviews directly.

Go to your Verified Review account and click on "Integration > Site Widget Integration" and then on the "Vertical iFrame Widget" or "Horizontal iFrame Widget" section.

  1. Choose the widget you prefer and click on the "Create my Widget" button, then copy the iFrame code and paste it into the location on your site where you want it to appear. Unlike the widget, the iframe is not sent in the module configuration.

  2. You can customise some of the features of the iframe with the different options shown below the code, then click on the "Update" button.

  3. If you want to customise the CSS of the iframe, you can add your CSS rules in the "Customise css" block, then click on the "Update" button.


A cache is present on the iframes. Your customisation may not be visible immediately.


Display of product reviews 

  • Go to the "Integration" section and then "Configure my Prestashop module" on the Verified Reviews module configuration page.
  • In the "Product option" section, select "Yes" for the following two questions:
    • Do you want to collect reviews on your products?
    • Would you like to display product reviews on your product pages?
  • Click on "Send this configuration".

Note: If this is the first time you are displaying product reviews, contact support, a manual synchronization is required.

Note: For any new product review published in your Verified Reviews account, it takes 24 hours for it to appear on your website. We synchronize product reviews once a day.

  • To check the display of product reviews, go to "Reviews > Product Reviews - Published", choose a review that is more than 24 hours old and check its display on your website. You can then click on the "small arrow icon" to open the product page directly.




Technical recommandations 

This documentation presents the options available in the latest version of the module. It is always recommended to update your module to take advantage of new features / bug fixes and to regularly check the connection with your module on our platform.


Module update 

If your module has been customised (overloads, modified module files etc.), be sure to make a copy of the files before updating and test the update on a pre-production site before updating on your main site.


Changes to the structure of your site

We communicate with your site via an API URL. This API URL is the path to the netreviewsApi.php file at the root of the module.

If you move the module to your files, if you add a subdirectory, always check the connection and contact support to change the API URL if necessary.

For example: the domain name of your site is: and you install the module at the root of the site, the API url will be If you then move your shop to a subdirectory, we will have to modify the API url like this:



My reviews are not displayed

Product reference checks

As detailed above, the Prestashop module uses the Prestashop product ID as a product reference. You can check in your Verified Reviews account that your reviews are linked to Prestashop IDs.

To do this, you can go to Stats > Reporting Your products. You will then see the number of reviews per product reference. If the product references indicated do not correspond to IDs (e.g. SKUs that contain letters), then you will need to change the references. Please contact our support team, who will be able to help you with this matter. Following this change of references, we will proceed to resynchronise all your product reviews to your site.

First manual synchronisation

If this is a module installation and you already have product reviews, ask Avis Veriés support for a manual synchronisation.

Automatic publication of new product reviews

A product review published in your Verified Reviews account is automatically synchronized to your site the next day.

Other cases

In other cases, here are the steps to follow in case the reviews are not displayed:

1.Check the connection between our platform and your site ( Verified Reviews account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module, you can click on the "Test the connection" button or click on "Send the configuration"). If you get a failure message, please contact support.

2.Check in your Verified Reviews account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module that the option "Do you want to display product reviews" is set to yes

3.Check if reviews are registered in your database. To do this, you can go to the module configuration page in the Prestashop Back-Office > DEBUG section and check in the box that Reviews and Average reviews are not at 0

4.Click on the "Add all hooks" button to re-register the hooks (module configuration page in the Prestashop Back-Office > DEBUG section)

5.Empty all your caches: smarty cache and plugin (e.g. Page Cache Ultimate). When emptying the smarty caches, make sure that the "Never recompile template" option is not selected.


If, after all this, the reviews are still not displayed, the most likely explanation is that your theme does not include the hooks we use. You can then manually insert our custom hooks into your product.tpl template:

  • {hook h='hookExtraNetreviews'} to display the stars
  • {hook h='TabcontentNetreviews' product=$product} to display the reviews


As far as stars on category pages are concerned, our module is grafted onto the hooks:

  • displayProductListReviews If the Prestashop version is < 1.7
  • displayProductPriceBlock (type=”before_price”) if the Prestashop version is > 1.7

After activating this option, if the stars (in the product list) still do not appear, it means that these hooks are not present in your theme. In this case you can add our custom hook directly{hook h='CategorystarsNetreviews' product=$product} in the product-list.tpl file (Prestashop < 1.7) or in the product thumbnail file (on the default Prestashop 1.7 theme, file path themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl)


My product reviews are not displayed correctly

This is usually a cache problem.

In the module configuration page in the Prestashop Back-Office > DEBUG section, click on the "Add all hooks" button to re-register the hooks and then empty all your caches: smarty cache and cache plugin (e.g. Page Cache Ultimate). When emptying the smarty caches, make sure that the "Never recompile template" option is not selected.


I want to move my reviews

Our stars on the product and category pages and the review block normally appear automatically.

If you are not satisfied with their position and wish to move them, you can do so by following the steps below:

1.Remove the hook(s) in question

To do this, from the module's configuration page, click on Hanging points

Check the "Show invisible hooks" option to see all hooks associated with the module

To disable the automatic display of stars on product sheets, uncheck "displayProductButtons", "displayLeftColumnProduct", "displayRightColumnProduct" Check the "Show invisible hooks" option to see all hooks associated with the module

To disable the automatic display of the product review block in a tab on product sheets, uncheck "displayProductExtraContent"

To disable the automatic display of product reviews in product thumbnails on category pages, uncheck "displayProductPriceBlock", "displayProductListReviews".


2.Manually insert our custom hooks

Product files: in your product.tpl template, add: 

{hook h='hookExtraNetreviews'} to display the stars

{hook h='TabcontentNetreviews' product=$product} to display the reviews


Category pages: in the product-list.tpl file (Prestashop < 1.7) or in the product thumbnail file (on the default Prestashop 1.7 theme, file path themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl), add :

{hook h='CategorystarsNetreviews' product=$product}


I want to change the display of my reviews.

The display proposed by our module is standard. Our support does not propose any customisation of the display as long as all the standard functionalities are present and do not cause any conflicts in the product sheets.

In case you need to customize the display, you can directly modify the files of the module present in the folder modules\netreviews\templates\hook :

  • avisverifies-categorystars.tpl for homepage and category stars
  • avisverifies-extraright.tpl for stars on product pages
  • avisverifies-tab-content.tpl for the upper part of the reviews block
  • ajax-load-tab-content.tpl for the list of reviews.

Be careful, if you update the module, you will lose these changes as the files will be overwritten.

You can also override the module files by duplicating and modifying them in your theme/modules folder. However, if you update the module, you must test the update in pre-production to avoid possible conflicts resulting from the new version of the module. 


The number of reviews on the product thumbnail on the homepage does not match the number of reviews on the product sheet

This is related to a module caching conflict. One option if you want to display the stars on the product thumbnails is to override the Product class.

  1. Go to the modules/netreviews/install folder and get the file Product.php

  2. Place the file in /override/classes/Product.php (if it already exists, integrate our code in the existing one)

  3. Go to the modules/netreviews/install folder and get the contents of the product_list.txt file. 

  4. Copy this code into your "themes/your_theme/product_list.tpl" file. The code must be placed where you want to display the stars in your product list.

  5. Empty the cache.

  6. If the stars did not appear after the changes, check if the overload system is activated.


My orders are not retrieved

Check the connection between our platform and your site (Avis Vérifiés account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module, you can click on the "Test the connection" button or click on "Send the configuration").If you get a failure message, please contact support.

Check if the automation is activated in Verified reviews account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module


Check that your orders to be retrieved have the same status(es) as the one(s) you selected on your Verified Reviews account in the module configuration page

If you get a connection, automation is enabled and statuses are correct, please contact support.


The site review widget is broken

When the widget is inserted several times on the same site, the widget stars disappear.

In this case, please check in your files that you have not inserted the widget code in hard copy, in addition to having sent it from the module configuration page on the Avis Vérifiés account. In general, when it is inserted directly into the files, it is inserted into the header or footer.tpl files.



Follow-up of review requests

You can track the requests for advice sent to your customers from "Stats > Reporting - Advice requests".

You can do a specific search using the filters at the top of the page.

Follow-up of reviews

You can follow your published, moderated and rejected reviews in the "Reviews" menu.

You can make a specific search using the filters at the top of the page.

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