Activate a reminder (follow-up request)

You have the option of activating a reminder in order to send the review request email again to people who didn't open the first one, allowing them to tell you about their experience.

We only send the reminder email to customers who didn't open the first email.



  • It is not possible to resend the same customer more than once!
  • Customers who opened the first review request email are not eligible for the reminder.



1. Log in to your Verified Reviews Account

2. Go to Account management > My account

3. In the section "Delay before reminder of notice requests", choose the delay of your choice from the drop-down list:



Best practices

  • Take commercial pressure into account to avoid over-solicitation: include the follow-up email in a CRM scenario, in the same way as other marketing emails (newsletters, automails,...)
  • Take into account product usage to plan the follow-up email in a relevant customer solicitation scheme: the post-purchase/post-experience follow-up period must be reasonable, to ensure appropriate customer feedback. The experience noted by the customer must remain "fresh", so that he can leave a coherent opinion regarding his satisfaction.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the follow-up e-mail by monitoring the evolution of the collection rate: refine the date of e-mail routing according to the results, to find an optimal follow-up scheme.


How can I view the list of customers who have received the reminder?

You can view the list of customers who have received the second reminder e-mail and the date of receipt.

1. Log in to your Verified Reviews Account

2. Go to the Reviews collection > Reporting - Reviews requests tab.

3. Click on "Statistics by filter". The "Resend from" filter allows you to list resent notification requests over a selected period:




4. Click on "Filter".




5. You will find the dunning review requests :




NB : The first date in the "Issue" column is the date the first e-mail was sent, and the second is the date the second e-mail was sent.


Please note:

If the "Read" column is empty, this means that the customer has not opened the email.

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