Display my product reviews using a widget : (TagJS)

The TagJS is a simple and easy to integrate feature that allows, via a JavaScript widget, to display product information on your product sheets.


How does it work ?

The collected product or service reviews can be easily displayed on your product sheets using a dynamic script. (The TagJS widget)

You can set up the feature at any time from your Verified Reviews account: Display reviews → Applications→Display my product reviews via TagJS.



The configuration of this resource is done in 6 steps :

  1. Activate the feature using the appropriate button
  2. Check the advanced configuration (enriched extracts and "useful review« functionality »)mceclip21.png
  3. Copy and paste the provided script into the source code of your website (in the footer)mceclip20.png
  4. Adjust the display of stars, notification volume, and contentmceclip22.png
  5. Place the tags on your form, make sure that the used references data-product-iddata-product-name and data-product-URL are identical to those stored in the database (id_productname_product et url_product)mceclip3.pngDynamically fill in the yellow circled values above with the product information


Good to know 

It is possible to display several product reviews on the same file, to do this, insert the references in question by separating them with a comma



     6. Finally, select the final visual rendering from our two generic models


Warning !

Please note that to display reviews correctly in Tag JS, web resources must be generated and enabled.

Generating the Site reviews file in JSON format

In the Verified reviews Back Office, click on the Display Reviews > Review Backup then menu API Product, activate and generate the product reviews file in JSON format.



Do not forget to click on the Save settings orange button at the end of the page to save the configuration.


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