Configure my account

You can manage and configure important information for your site in :

Config. > My account


These are the information that you can manage:

1) Manage the information displayed on your certificate and its SEO

2) Add or modify billing information

3) Technical contact information

4) Technical configuration of the site

5) Manage user notifications 


1) Manage the information displayed on your certificate and its SEO


The Config. > My Account allows you to manage the information displayed on your certificate.

The information entered in the visible part of "Contact" is used to complete the certificate. The "My certificate" section is also very important for the referencing of your certificate.




The logo filled in will be the one displayed both on the certificate and on the notification form: 




The "Description" part is essential for the natural referencing of your attestation. To complete it well, you must summarise your activity in a few sentences relevant to your sector and use the keywords that customers type in the Google search to find you (e.g. name of your company, the main theme of your products or services offered).




The information will be visible both on the certificate in the "Information" section, but also in the Google search (SERP):





You have a "Category" field which allows you to enter your field of activity:




This Category will also be seen on the certificate:  



It also allows you to find your site in the Avis Vérifiés directory:

Annuaire Avis Vérifiés – Catégorie Informatique et logiciels (


2) Add or change billing information:


You can set up the billing information in the "Contact" section. By default, these elements will be used both for your certificate visible on the internet and for invoicing.



If the billing information is different from the information you wish to make visible on the site, you have the possibility to choose other data at the bottom by clicking on the text "Modify" in orange:




Fill in the fields in the pop-up window that opens and click on "save".




3) Technical and GDPR contact data: 


If you have a preferred contact for a technical contact or a contact for Customer Data Protection (DPO), you can fill in these fields :





4) Technical configuration of the account: 


You will be able to select the type of ecommerce solution you use in the following drop-down list, if it is not present, you can put "Other" : 




Depending on your ecommerce solution, this will open up new configuration options.

You will also find the integration codes for your ecommerce solution and the attestation URL here:




Depending on the solution selected, you will be able to choose the waiting time before the notification request and the waiting time before the relaunch:




5) Managing notifications: 

You can enter an email address to receive notifications when a review arrives or is put into moderation. You can also add other email addresses for receiving notifications. To do this, click on "Edit contact settings" at the bottom of the page:



You can choose to enable email notifications for positive and/or negative product reviews by selecting the checkbox. 


To be discovered:

To learn more about notifications, here is the link to the documentation on this subject:

You can also set the threshold for the rating of a review to be automatically put into moderation for both brand review (site review) or the product review. The two ratings can be different. 




To be noted 

When we choose « a note of less than », it is a note " strictly lower than the selected one "

For example, if you select "Put in moderation product reviews with a rating below 3: 




Reviews produced with a rating of 1 or 2 will automatically be put into moderation. Reviews with a rating of 3 will not be put into moderation. 


You can also enable tag management in this section by checking the box:




This will open the following menu:




Also, the assignment of tags can be used to send a notification to a predefined user.

To be discovered

To learn more about tags, here is the dedicated online help:

Create the tags

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