Manage my account


You have the option to configure important information related to your account directly from your Back Office.

Here are the details you can update on your own: 

  • Contact information 
  • Billing information
  • Addition of a technical contact and DPO 
  • Mention of your e-commerce solution
  • Addition of your logo, which will be visible on your certificate
  • Notification management
  • Moderation threshold (this feature is also configurable from the Reviews Processing tab)


To access the page, click on the menu Account Management - My Account 


Billing Information

You can configure billing information in the Contact section. By default, these details will be used both for your certificate visible on the internet and for billing.



If you want to use different information for billing, click the button Use different information for your invoices. Fill in the fields of the popup that opens and click Save.



Technical Contact and DPO Information

If you have a preferred contact for a technical contact or a contact for Data Protection Officer (DPO), you can fill in the fields in the Technical Contact section.


Integration Codes and Link to Your Certificate

Here you will find the Website ID and the Secret Key of your account, especially useful if automatic retrieval of your orders is done through a module.

This is also where you will find the link to your Avis Vérifiés certificate.

Wait Time Before Requesting Feedback 

To properly configure the timing for sending your feedback requests, please refer to the following articles: 

How to change the feedback request timing for the brand?

How to delay the sending of product feedback requests?


My Certificate

The link in this section allows you to edit your certificate. You can also access it from the menu Review Display/Edit my certificate.

This article might interest you 🔔 New Feature: Configure and edit my Avis Vérifiés certificate


Fill in your e-commerce solution details in the Information section. Depending on your e-commerce solution, additional configuration options will be available.


Notification Management

Provide the main email address for receiving notifications in the Notification section.

To access advanced notification settings, or to add other email addresses, click on the button Modify contact configuration at the bottom of the page.


Lightbulb To learn more about notification management, you can refer to this article: How to enable notifications?
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