How to change the role of my users ?

You have several users on your Rating & Reviews account.

Each of these users have a specific role, allowing him to access some specific functionalities.

As an administrator of the account, you have the possibility to change and update these roles. 



You must have the administrator status to change the role of the other users.



Step 1

Go to the menu Account management/My users:



Step 2

The roles assigned to individual users are shown in the Role column:



Step 3

To change the role of a user, click on the Edit button, in the Action column:



Step 4

In the Associated role tab, select the role you want to assign to the user:



If you choose the "store" role, another box appears.

Enter the store to which the user should have access.


Step 5

Save your changes by clicking on the Confirm button.


💡 What are the different user roles ? 

  • Administrator: access to all account functionalities
  • Statistics: access to all available statistics and dashboards.
  • Product Manager, Product, Product Reviews: access to all product, review and KPI functionalities.
  • Accounting: access to invoicing, payment and banking information.
  • IT: access to all configuration pages (FTP, API, configuration, module...)
  • Moderation, Reviews, Site Reviews: access to all review management functionalities.
  • Service provider: access for people who are not part of your company, but who work for you as a service provider (e.g. web agency).
  • Store: access for the store manager, if you have one.
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