Email and Form: Rules to Follow

As a trusted third party, we must respect a regulatory and legal framework, which also applies to emails and review request forms.

Therefore, we are dedicated to adhering to specific guidelines regarding what can or cannot be included in your email and form.

Within this article, you will discover the obligations and restrictions that must be upheld.

Email personalization

✔️ The tone of the email must remain neutral and must not influence the consumer to file a positive review.

✔️ The Verified Reviews logo and the rated company's logo must appear clearly.

✔️ The following statement must appear: "Your review will be made public on the certificate of the site concerned. Only your first name will be displayed with the first letter of your name. For more information, you can consult our TOS."

✔️ The unsubscribe links are also mandatory (one to unsubscribe from Verified Reviews and one to unsubscribe only from the evaluated company.).

No counterparty is allowed in the review request email (voucher, gift etc).

The customization of the form

✔️ Obligation to have a rating and a comment.

✔️ The content of the form should not encourage sharing positive reviews, it should always remain neutral.

✔️ The overall rating should not be an average of ratings, but should be given by the consumer.

❌ Prohibition to put a pre-filled review (rating already checked by default or comment already entered).


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