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Shopify - Documentation Connector



Shopify is a SaaS-type solution which integrates an API system, allowing us to communicate with it from
the Verified-Reviews engine. Once the module is activated and configured, the process is automatic, we
communicate directly with your e-commerce solution.

• Automatic recovery of orders and requests for reviews: Shopify communicates your latest orders
to us directly. We will only recover the orders for which we need to send review requests, and
this is in accordance with the layout entered during the configuration, which is described in the
rest of this document. You can choose to activate the "Product reviews" option. We will then
automatically recover the products associated with these orders to collect your clients' reviews.
• Display of product reviews on your site: You have the option of displaying your products' reviews
directly on your product sheets.
• Display of Verified Reviews' rating widget: You have the option of displaying a floating widget on
your site. This widget allows you to display to your visitors the average overall rating for your
verified Reviews and thus reassure the potential customer on the quality of your services.



Go to Shopify App Store and search for the Verified Reviews App, then click on install. Shopify will ask you to log on to your Shopify store if you are not already logged on. Shopify will present to your store or list of stores if more than one, choose which store you would like to install the Verified Reviews App on. Next you will arrive onto our platform, you will be asked to choose which language you would like to create your account in.


2.1.                     Choose Account Language


Please select the language that corresponds to your account.


There are two possibilities:

  • You have an existing account with us which you would like to connect to your Shopify store:

If you already have an account setup with us and you wish to connect your App to this account then select the language your account is in. For example if you have a French account with us then select France to connect that account to your Shopify store.

  • You do not have an account with us or alternatively you are an existing client but would like to set up a new account:
    Please select the language that you would like your account to be in. If you are an existing client but would like to set up a new account for a new store then select the language you would like your store to be in.

Important: Please note that the language you choose for your account will dictate which language the review emails will be sent. For example if you choose USA your account will be in English and your clients will receive requests to give a review in English.



The installation process will be as follows dependent of whether you are a new client or an existing client.


2.2.                     New Clients Verified Reviews


You will arrive to the Signup page, this is a prefilled page, the URL of your store, the name of your store and your business telephone number.

The only fields that require your attention are the following.

  • Name: Please fill in your surname.
    First name: Please fill in your first name.
    Business Sector: Please fill in the business sector of your Store.

Please click on recaptcha and accept terms & conditions in order to proceed, then click on "Register" button.



The following success screen should now appear



Please go to your email account that was filled in the form, you should now have received an email to create a password. Please click on “Confirm my account” button within the email you received.




Please create a password for your account and enter two times then click on the button “I’m creating my password”



You will now find yourself on the Sign in page. Please enter your email from above and the password you have just created and then click on the “I’m logging in” button.



Once the installation is finished, you will be redirected to your customer area. Confirmation that the module has been installed should be displayed as described in the image below.




Congratulations! The module is now installed. You can proceed to the configuration step, section 3 Configuration of the Module.


2.3.                     Existing Clients Verified Reviews

Important: This part only applies to existing clients connecting to an existing account.


2.3.1. Already logged in

If you are already logged on to Verified Reviews then then you will arrive onto the configuration page of your account.




2.3.2. Log in


If you are not already logged on to Verified Reviews then you will arrive onto the Log in page:





Congratulations! The module is now installed. You can proceed to the next step.



Next, go to your Verified Reviews' customer area and choose the following from the menu: "Integration > Configure my Shopify module" or "Activate the trial > Configure my Shopify module".

On this page you can configure how you want to make use of our module :

  • Activate automation: If yes we will automatically receive your new orders to send review requests to your clients according to the following configuration. If no we will not receive your orders.
  • Status of orders to be retrieved: Here you can choose the status of orders that we need to retrieve to survey your customers.
  • Langify: This option enables you to manage multilingual reviews in your shop if you use the langify app.
  • Time : This is the time that we wait before sending an e-mail to your customer.
  • E-mail extensions : Here you can choose not to send a review request for orders with certain email extensions (MarketPlaces).


  • Products : You can also choose whether or not to survey your clients about products that they have ordered.
  • Display of review products: Choose between the two proposed templates to display your reviews with the design that suits you.
  • RequireJS: You can choose to use the RequireJS library if your shop includes it.
  • Display of useful reviews: Activate this option to allow internet users to asses the relevance of a review.
  • Rich Snippets: Rich Snippets are data that, amongst other things, can display the stars of a product in question in Google search results.
  • Rich Snippets already present: This option allows you to avoid certain conflicts if your product pages already have some Rich Snippets.
  • Currency: The selected currency will be used to generate Rich Snippets.


Click "Send this configuration" to save your changes.


Use the "Widgets display" component to choose a widget to display on your site. Paste the widget script generated in the relevant field and click "Save". To find out how to display the widget on your site, please see section 5 of this documentation. Feel free to ask your account manager to help you with this step.



  • The fixed widget stays where you integrated it. (Example: in your homepage footer)
  • The floating widget is located on an edge of the browser window and remains visible even when scrolling through pages.
  • Make sure you do not paste a fixed widget code in the field of a floating widget field and vice versa.



  • Log into your Shopify Back Office
  • Click on the Online store menu
  • Next, click on Actions > Edit HTML/CSS (Edit code)





5.1.  Add the JavaScript code (mandatory for displaying reviews)


To add the reviews on your site, you must first copy the line of code framed in red from the "Integration" part of the module configuration page then include it in the theme.liquid file on the inside of the <head></head>tag or even in the footer of your site: 




5.2.Add stars on the product pages and product lists


To add stars to product listings, you must include in the file product-loop.liquid or any other product listing template (Please check with your technical team to learn more about this subject this is often dependent on the theme used) this line of code to the location where you want stars relating to the product to appear: 



Important : You must replace the value framed in yellow by the dynamic variable of the product_id, otherwise the stars will not be displayed.




In the example above, stars will be displayed under each product title on the product lists page.



In this example the stars will be displayed on the product pages under the product cost heading.


5.3.Add reviews on the product page


To add reviews to your product sheets, you must insert in the file product.liquid on the following line of coding, where you want them to appear:  



Important : You must replace the values framed in yellow with their respective dynamic variable, otherwise the stars will not be displayed or the rich snippets will not work.



In this example, the reviews block will be displayed on the product pages between the description of the product in question and the suggested related products.




6.1.  Floating widget  

To add the floating widget to your site, you must insert in the file: theme.liquid the following line of code inside the tag <head></head>: {{ shop.metafields.netreviews.widget_float }}

Important: The placement of the floating widget on the page will depend on the configuration you carried out in your Verified Reviews back-office. If you use the langify app, you will need to use the following code and specify the language used.

Example: {{ shop.metafields.netreviews.widget_float_FR }}



Important: You must correctly fill in the "Widget Display" section in the configuration settings of the module for it to work.


6.2.Fixed widget 

To add the fixed widget on your site, just integrate the following line of code in the selected place in your theme: {{ shop.metafields.netreviews.widget_fixe }}

Important: The fixed widget will be displayed exactly at the position at which you add the line of code. If you use the langify app, you will need to use the following code and specify the language used. Example: {{ shop.metafields.netreviews.widget_fixe_FR }}


In this example, the fixed widget is integrated at the end of the site footer and will be visible on all pages.


Important: You must correctly fill in the "Widget Display" section in the configuration settings of the module for it to work.

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