Sending review requests via text

Thanks to Rating & Reviews, you have the option to survey your customers via SMS. 

In this article, we will explain all the details of how sending review requests via SMS works. 


  • To activate this feature, you need to make a request to your account manager.
  • Price: €0.045 per sent SMS
  • To have access to the historical platform

How it works

The setup of an SMS collection is based on an input data passed in the flow named 'phone.' This field should receive a functional phone number as a numeric value to contact the consumer via SMS.

 Here are the accepted phone number formats :

  • 0610203040

  • 33610203040

  • 610203040

Phone numbers with  “+33” are not accepted.


📱 Contact method 

We offer three different options for sending review requests to your clients via SMS:

  • By SMS only

  • By SMS & Email

  • SMS if the phone number is known, otherwise via email : allows you to send review request to your customers via Email and SMS. SMS delivery takes precedence over email. In the event of an SMS delivery failure, email serves as a fallback to solicit the experience.


📅 Issuance period 

By default, the sending window is from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM.

To change this behavior, you will need approval from our legal department.


⌛ Sending delay

Just like with email delivery, you have the option to configure the sending delay for SMS review requests.


📩 Reminder

For individuals who haven't submitted their review following the received SMS, it's not possible to resend an SMS. However, if the reminder is enabled on your account and the collection method is 'email & SMS,' then the reminder will be sent via email.


🖌️ SMS Customization

  • Sender's name is limited to 11 characters. Only spaces are allowed as special characters.
  • The default SMS text is 'What did you think of your order at XXX? Share your opinion! (URL link) - STOP to 36180.' This message can be customized within a limit of 110 characters. Input data from the feed can be integrated into it, for example, the field #name_shop#.


📋 Reporting in your Back Office

Click on the Review collection/Reporting review request.

The tab "Review Requests Reporting" allows you to view all review requests submitted.

From this reporting, it is possible to filter by the "SMS" solicitation channel:



SMS solicitations are displayed in the table with an icon to distinguish them:




📊 SMS campaign analysis

In order to obtain performance KPIs for this type of solicitation, Smart Data users will be able to filter by SMS delivery type in the 'Review requests' dashboard.


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