What is the moderation process?

When listening to customers, there are three key stages: collecting, moderating and distributing customer reviews.

The moderation stage is particularly important.


Collecting a review

Solicited reviews: with an all-in-one solution such as Verified Reviews, you can solicit your customers through post-purchase reviews. This approach enables you to collect reliable, authentic and transparent reviews.

How are reviews collected? We'll send an email inviting the consumer to fill in a form and share their experience with the brand and their opinion of the products or services purchased.

Submitting a review

Once the customer has completed the form, you will receive the review in the review processing tab.

The review will either be in the "All" section with the status "Pending" or in the "To be processed" section with the status "In moderation".

Moderation: How to use with the All and To Do filters

Review Moderation

If a review needs to be processed, either according to the moderation threshold or if it contains a word that needs to be analyzed, it will have the status in moderation. A moderation period of 7 days is allotted to give you time to exchange with your customers. During this period, you can publish the review or tell our teams to reject it.

How to respond to a review?

After 7 days, reviews with the status "pending" and "in moderation" will be published.
However, you will still be able to process them.

Please note that reviews are published in chronological order, i.e. reviews in moderation may block those that arrived later, even if they have a positive rating.
It is important to moderate reviews regularly.

Publication of reviews

Once a review has been published, it will appear in your certificate (if it's a Brand review) or in your product widget, which can be displayed on product sheets.


Report a review

In the review moderation process, you have the option of flagging a review, i.e. requesting that it not be published. A review can only be flagged if it falls within a reason identified by AFNOR. You can't flag a review simply because it's negative.
Our Moderation team will analyze your request and decide whether or not to reject the review.

How to report a review?

✔️ If your request is accepted (the review is therefore rejected):

The customer receives an e-mail from us informing him of the AFNOR reason for which we will reject his review. The customer will receive a new request to modify his opinion if necessary.

❌If your request is not accepted (the review is consequently published):

You receive an e-mail informing you that the notice will be published.

You can consult the history of a notice at any time by clicking on it.


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