🔔 New: how to integrate the new version of the Brand Widget on your website?

Thanks to Verified Reviews, you can easily integrate widgets on your website. These widgets allow you to display customer reviews, your star ratings, as well as promote an average rating.

Follow this procedure to integrate the Brand Review Widget on your site.


Feature Summary:

Valuing your brand reviews allows you to create a relationship of trust with your customers:

  • Take advantage of the "Verified Reviews" label, a source of reassurance for your consumers.
  • Enhance your image by displaying your ratings and reviews on your website.
  • Gain visibility and increase the traffic rate of your website by improving your referencing in search engines.

🆕 With the new brand widget, benefit from a more modern design, that is also suitable for mobile browsing. Opt for a simple format (circular or horizontal), or carousel format. Customize the color and size of your widget for a harmonious integration to your site.



Access to the old version How to add a Brand Widget on my website ? (Old version widget) of our widgets will soon disappear. Therefor, we invite you to use our new widget, if you already have access to it.

Don't forget to delete the script of the former widget on your website before integrating the new one into your code.


Understanding the brand widget information

  • Average rating: The average rating visible on the widget is calculated based on brand reviews from the last 12 rolling months.
  • Number of reviews: The number of reviews corresponds to the number of brand reviews published since the beginning of the collection.



The procedure consists of 2 steps :

1/ Configuration on your Rating & Reviews Back Office

2/ Integration on your website


1/ Configuration on your Rating & Reviews Back Office:

1. Log in to your Rating & Reviews account.

2. Go to the Display review - Integrate My Widgets tab. You will arrive in a clear space, without any widgets.

3. Click on Add a Widget. You will access the customization settings of your widget:



4. Name the widget, this way it will be easier for you to identify each widget integrated to your website:



5. Start configuring the widget: 

  • Choose the appearance: define the shape and color
  • Define advanced settings, fixed or floating widget, location on your website and device type
  • If you choose the floating widget, a new setting will appear, so you can select the location on your website

6. Save the configuration

    • You will be taken to the main page, where the widget (widgets if you have more than one) and the script to copy/paste to your site will appear

The floating widget is not optimized for display on tablets or phones.


2/ Integration on your website:

1. Once you have configured the widget, click on the copy/paste icon.


2. Copy the code on your website in the desired location.


🔨 For a fixed widget:
Paste the code into the desired location on your site.
For example, if you want to position your widget in the footer, paste the code in the footer tag. Save your changes and open your site to view the widget.


💬 For a floating widget:
Paste the code into the header tag of your code. Save your changes and open your site to view the widget.

The floating widget will be visible at all times, regardless of the user's scrolling. The integration of the floating widget is done directly from the connector's configuration.

If you have any questions about how to perform this action, feel free to click on the help button. A pop-up will appear with an explanation. We also invite you to contact your technician or the person in charge of your website development.


If you embed the widget code, it will not be visible until you have 3 published reviews.


Integration with the PrestaShop module:

If you are using the PrestaShop module, you have two options to integrate your widget.

Automatic integration is only valid for clients who have the latest version of the Avis Vérifiés platform, and it only works to integrate a floating widget.

How does the automatic integration work?

Automatic integration is only available if you have the latest version of the Verified Reviews platform and have downloaded the latest version of the Verified Reviews module.

  • Configure the widget by following the instructions: Configuration on your Rating & Reviews Back Office
  • Choose the Floating option
  • Once the configuration is complete and the widget is saved, the automatic integration option will be available.
  • Activate the integration

Please note that you can disable automatic integration at any time. Deleting a brand widget in the back office automatically cancels any automatic integration if it was in place.


How to integrate the widget manually:

If you want to integrate the widget manually into your site's code :
  • Click under the automatic integration display

  • Or, once you have configured your fixed widget and saved it, click on Integrate
  • Follow the instructions



🔔 Customize the size of your widget:

For now, it's not possible to customize the size of the created widgets. However, you can customize the widget size by overriding CSS in your website's source code. Here's how:
  • Analyze the source code of the website and locate the widget generated by Skeepers.
  • Retrieve the main ID of the widget. Example: "389537c1-dcbf-4514-9d78-b6bff6ad2140-Badge_3"
  • Add a CSS rule in the website's source code to force the widget size, using the previously retrieved ID: <style> [id="389537c1-dcbf-4514-9d78-b6bff6ad2140-Badge_3"] { width: 150px !important; height: 150px !important; } </style>


Integration with Shopify Connector


You have the option to integrate our Brand widget easily and quickly. Simply activate the automatic integration feature available in the Back Office.

Attention! If your Shopify theme does not support Apps blocks, you must integrate the widget manually.

This method only works for integrating a floating widget. If you want to display a fixed widget, use the manual method.

From the Avis Vérifiés Back Office :

  • Click on Add a widget
  • Configure the widget. Choose the appearance, floating functionality, and location.
  • Save your widget
  • Once the configuration is complete and the widget is saved, the option for automatic integration will be available. Activate the integration.

  • Return to your Shopify Back Office, go to the theme editor, and click on "Apps Embeds" in the left-hand menu.
  • Ensure that the "Skeepers Brand Widget" is correctly enabled. The widget you configured will automatically appear on your site.
  • You have the option to integrate multiple floating widgets. For example, a mobile floating widget and another for desktop.



Integration with Magento 2 Connector

If you are using our Magento 2 connector, you have two options to integrate our widget:

  • Manually
  • Automatically

Manual Integration :

  • Once logged into your account, click on View Reviews - Embed my widgets.
  • Click on Add a widget.
  • Choose to create a Brand widget.

You can combine widgets, for example, a floating widget for Desktop and another for mobile.


Integration on your website:

🔨 For a fixed widget:

You will need to perform a manual integration. Copy the script provided into the desired space on your site.

💬 For a floating widget:

You have the option to integrate it automatically from the Avis Vérifiés platform:

  • Go to View Reviews > Embed my widgets
  • Click on the brand widget you want to integrate, a banner will appear in the right column to enable/disable automatic integration of the widget on your site:

You can integrate multiple widgets automatically.


Automatic Integration

The Magento 2 connector allows for automatic integration of the Product Widget.

A Magento 2 product widget has been created by default upon the creation of your account!

  • Go to Review Display > Embed my widgets
  • Click on the product widget, a banner will appear in the right column to enable/disable automatic integration of the widget on your site.


This widget will be displayed on your product pages, and the star block will appear on the category pages.


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