🔔 New: Automation method SFTP for collecting reviews


This feature is only available to registered customers after July 18th 
We are working to be able to offer it to all other customers soon.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our support team or your CSM.

Thanks to this new functionality, you will save time by importing, independently, your purchase/service delivery events more easily into the interface.

Take advantage of questionnaires with a more modern design, in order to offer your consumers a more fluid questionnaire experience and improve your response rates.



  • Create an SFTP account on the R&R servers
  • Prepare the data file in advance (proof of purchase or services)


The collection of reviews will be done using the data in your file. You can find the templates files below and at the very bottom of the page:

Required fields are marked with an asterisk


Attention: Be sure to respect the expected formats for each field by following the examples. Otherwise, the lines with error will not give rise to the sending of a request for review.s.



First connection

  1. Go to the Collect reviews > Send review requests menu
  2. Choose SFTP
  3. Click on the button to create your SFTP account




4. Once the account is created, you can view your SFTP settings (Host, username, Port, Path, password). They will automatically be there, you just need to copy/paste



5. You have the possibility to test the connection


SFTP Architecture:

By default, the partition structure is defined as follows:





Main drop folder


Successfully Processed Files Subfolder


Subfolder of files processed in error *

An error in the  file: You will find an error report with the description of the problem in order to be able to correct it.

Any deposit in the /orders/ folder will be processed by our system the day after the deposit between 1am and 3am (UTC+1 or UTC+2).

Files will end up in the /success/ or /error/ subfolders depending on their validity. 

⭐ Good to know:

In order to be able to send us your data by SFTP, remember to authorize the following list of IPs:,, and

It is possible to use a single SFTP for several dissociated accounts within the framework of an international collection or in a company/subsidiary system.


Here is an example: 















PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one account, you must complete the procedure on each of them.


File format

The characteristics to be respected are the following:

File type 



UTF-8 sans BOM


";" (semicolon separator)

Date format

AAAA-MM-JJ / jj-mm-aaaa

⭐Good to know:

You have the option of setting the deadlines for sending reviews from Collection of reviews – Configuration, for brand and product reviews by default. If you want to have a different delay per product, you can add it to your csv file, in the delay_product column

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