🔔 New : Automation method for collecting reviews by importing a CSV file


This feature is only available to registered customers after 13/07/2022.
We are working to be able to offer it to all other customers soon.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our support team or your CSM.

You can import a CSV file with ALL your orders, from your Back Office, in order to survey your customers and get reviews quickly.

Below you can find the prerequisites, depending on your case: first collection or one-time import, as well as the procedure to follow.

First Reviews collection 

To start collecting, regardless of the automation method, you can integrate a file of your customers to start collecting their reviews.

Prerequisites : 

  • We advise you to retrieve orders from the last three months in order to have relevant reviews.
  • Prepare your file with the correct format, CSV. You can find the sample files below.
  • Respect the file format as well as the headers.
  • Check and make sure that all mandatory data is present.

The collection of reviews will be done using the data in your file. You can find the sample files below (click on the correct sample to download):

Required fields are marked with an asterisk


Be sure to respect the expected formats as well as the headers for each field by following the examples; otherwise, the lines with error will not give rise to the sending of a request for review. For example, the date formats dd-mm-yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd

⭐Good to know

If you want to collect reviews now, you can send a review request to your customers of the last three months by entering delay = 0 for brand reviews and delay_product = 0 for your product reviews.

Temporary Upload : 

You use another automation method (SFTP, API, Connector...) but you want to import your orders from time to time.

Prerequisites : 

  • We advise you to retrieve orders from the last three months in order to have relevant opinions.
  • Prepare your file with the correct format, CSV.
  • Check that all mandatory data is present.

Procedure (first collection and occasional import): 

  1. First of all, you have to log in to your Back Office.
  2. Go to the tab: Collection of reviews > Sending requests for reviews > CSV file MicrosoftTeams-image__31_.png
  3. Import your CSV file MicrosoftTeams-image__32_.png


Check CSV format, UTF8 encoding – semicolon separator and Max: 5MB

You will have the total of rows to import, the rows with error (the format does not match) or the duplicate rows.

    4. Click on Import data and validate the import

    5. You can track your requests from the Review Requests Tracking pageMicrosoftTeams-image__33_.pngMicrosoftTeams-image__34_.png

As a trusted third party, whose review management is certified as NF ISO 20488 compliant, we are obliged to survey all of your customers. In addition, the various European regulations impose not to manipulate consumers, ie to carry out a sorting in the collection.

I can't import my requests

If there is a problem with the file, we will mention the reason, for example if the format is incorrect.

In the case that you import a file with proofs of purchases/services already existing in our database, the system will block the import.MicrosoftTeams-image__35_.pngMicrosoftTeams-image__36_.png



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