How to delete a review ?

The collection, moderation, and restitution of reviews are governed by very strict rules, notably due to the various French and European regulations in force.


Directive 2019/2161

On May 28, 2022, a new European directive also entered into force. Its objective? To harmonize and strengthen consumer protection, as well as the reliability of customer reviews. This is the Omnibus directive, and it concerns all companies.


This latter imposes, for example, on brands to display the control and verification procedures applied to reviews and what means are implemented to ensure that the published reviews come from consumers who have used or purchased the products.

This latter also prohibits professionals from submitting fake reviews or manipulating consumer reviews or recommendations, for example by only publishing positive reviews and deleting negative reviews. 


How to delete a review? 

It is not possible to delete a review.

However, you have the possibility to respond to it and to flag it via your platform if it does not comply with the Verified Reviews Terms of Use. You can then choose one of the refusal reasons proposed in your customer space, within the 3 months following its publication.


After this period, the review will only be rejectable if:

  • it contains personal data or insults
  • if you have intervened in the dispute resolution process and the consumer wishes to modify their review

Our moderators will then analyze your request and it will be rejected if it does not comply with our Terms of Use.

The consumer will receive an email informing them of the refusal of their review, accompanied by the corresponding reason for refusal. They will then have the opportunity to submit a new review, compliant this time with the Terms of Use.


💡 What to do if the product no longer matches the reviews submitted?

If your product/service has completely changed and the reviews no longer concern the correct product or service, you will need to create a new product page to display new reviews.

For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact icon.



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