How to Verify the collection of reviews

You have the possibility to check if your reviews collection is working properly at any time (following your onboarding or after having automated the collection, for example).

The three most important steps to check are: (click on each step to get more information).  

Check the correct integration of your orders (proof of purchase/service) in our database

  1. First, you need to check the integration of your orders (proof of purchase/service) from the " Stats --> Reporting - review requests " tab. 

In this tab you can check if the last orders you sent have been correctly integrated in our system. To do so, you must check the recovery column, the date must correspond to the date you integrated or sent your orders.



ℹ️ To Know 

For customers before October 2022: 

The order column shows the date the consumer placed the order.

The Retrieval column shows the date the order was retrieved by Verified Reviews . (Depending on the status of the order retrieval  of the customer's module)

The schedule column indicates when the customer's request will be sent.

The Send column allows you to see if the e-mail has been sent and on which date.

Please note!

If the orders do not appear after being integrated, please wait 24 hours, if after this time span they still do not appear in the Back Office of your account then please contact our Customer Care team. 

Check your review request sending time 

If we have successfully retrieved your orders, please check the review request sending time to see when the requests will go out.  

For customers before September 2022:


Depending on the type of automation, the delay is configured differently.
SFTP : you can configure from your CSV file with the delay column or from Account management - My account
API: you can configure from the request with the delay value or from Account management - My account
Connector : The delay is configured from Collect notifications -> Configure my module



If the requests are not gone by the expected date ( scheduling date according to the deadline), do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Check the configuration of your automation type

If the date does not correspond with the last order that you think should have gone up, please check if the collection of your proofs of purchase/service is well set up.

  1. The first step is to make sure which method are you using to send/integrate your orders to us, SFTP, Connector (CMS), API ...
  2. Check that it works properly

Automation by Connector (CMS like Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce...) 

  1. Check that you have activated the automation from the tab Integration -> Configure my module. 


Please note! 

You must also activate the recovery of product reviews, if you wish  


  2. Check the status of your orders in our Back Office, but also in your Back Office of your CMS module  

When you configured the module, you chose the status in which we will retrieve the orders, please check that the same status is indicated in the your BO.  


 3. Check the connection between your module and Verified Reviews  


If you are using another connector, you can find the documentation for each module here:

  " Automation by Connector"  


Be careful!

Sometimes, you can have connection problems because of the identifiers (Secret Key and ID website ). We advise you to check that you put them correctly.  

The version of the module, a very old version can cause problems. 

If you have connection problems despite a good configuration, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team  


Automation by SFTP/FTP

Check that the file has been used correctly, we remind you that in case of error, your file will be put in the Error folder with another file mentioning the error. 

Do not hesitate to modify it and put it back in the corresponding folder. Our system will consume the file at the usual time.

For customers before August 2022

You can use the FileZila software, to check. You just have to indicate your identifiers, that your Project Manager or Customer Care, communicated to you during the creation of the SFTP


For customers after August 2022

Here's an article that explains how to get your credentials back 🔔 New: Automation method collecting notifications via SFTP

Automation via API 

Once you submit your API call, we'll send you back a message. If there is any missing data, we will not integrate your orders.


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