🔧 Verify the collection of reviews


You have the possibility to independently check the proper functioning of your reviews collection at any time from your Rating & Reviews account.


Use one of our automation methods:

  • Module (Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento...)
  • FTP
  • API

Verification steps

Step 1 : Verify the successful retrieval of your orders

  1. Go to the menu Collect Reviews/Reporting Reviews Request or Collect Reviews/Review Request Sending. 
  2. Check if the latest orders you sent have been successfully retrieved on your Rating & Reviews account. To do this, look at the retrieval column: the date should match the date when the last order was sent to your Rating & Reviews account.


If the orders do not appear after being integrated, please wait for 24 hours. If they still do not appear in the Back Office after this period, kindly contact our Customer Care team.

Ampoule électrique Good to know

  • The Order column indicates the date of the consumer's order.
  • The Receipt column indicates the date when the order was retrieved in your account.
  • The Scheduling column shows the date on which the customer review request will be sent.
  • The Emission column allows you to check if the email has been sent and on which date.

Step 2 : Check the automation of your collect

If the retrieval date of the latest order does not match the date of the last order that should have been retrieved, you should verify the proper functioning of your automation.

Module Automation

1. Please ensure that you have properly enabled automation from the menu Collect reviews/Configure My Module or Collect Reviews/Configuration.

If you want to collect product reviews, make sure to activate product review collect as well.

2. Check the order retrieval status. Also, make sure that the chosen status exists in your e-commerce system.


3. Check the module connection


If the connection to the module is not functioning correctly, we invite you to consult this article: 

My module is disconnected : PrestaShop, Magento 1 et 2, WooCommerce

If you are using a different module, please contact our support team.

Ampoule électrique Sometimes, connection issues may be related to errors in your credentials (Website ID and Secret Key). In such cases, please follow this procedure:  I'm having trouble connecting to my module - Login error

Ampoule électrique An outdated version of the module can also cause issues with order retrieval. Therefore, we recommend updating the module from the Collect Reviews/E-commerce Module/Download menu.

If you are experiencing connection issues despite having a proper configuration, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team. 

FTP Automation

  1. Please verify that the file has been consumed correctly. We remind you that in case of an error, your file will be placed in the "Error" folder along with another file indicating the error. 

Feel free to edit it and place it back into the corresponding folder. Our system will consume the file at its regular time.

For customers before August 2022 :
You can use FileZilla software to check. Just enter the credentials that your Project Manager or Customer Care provided you with when setting up the SFTP.


For customers after August 2022 : Here is an article that explains how to retrieve your credentials.

🔔 New: Automation method SFTP for collecting reviews

API Automation

Check the message from the API call response. Once you have submitted your API call, we send you a message. If there are missing data, we will not integrate your orders. 


Step 3 : Check the time frame for sending review requests

If we have successfully retrieved your orders, you can check the review request sending time frame to know when the requests are/will be sent to your customers.

The time frame is configured differently depending on the type of automation.

  • Module : The time frame is configured from Collect Reviews / Configure my module menu
  • SFTP : The time frame can be set either in your CSV file using the "delay" column or from the Account Management/My Account menu.
  • API : The time frame can be configured in the API request with the "delay" value or from the Account Management/My Account menu.

Good to know

Ampoule électrique  The Scheduling column indicates the moment when the review request enters the server's queue. There may be slight differences between the value in the Scheduling column and the actual date/time of submission, depending on the server's workload. If requests take more than 24 hours, please feel free to contact our Customer Care service.

Ampoule électrique If you have the new version of the reporting dashboard, please read this article: 🔔 New: Review request tracking table



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