Responses to reviews Dashboard

As you know, the moderation stage is very important in the process of collecting reviews.
Having an idea of ​​the number of reviews to deal with can be an important indicator to define the strategy to get your customer's feedback. 

We compile some KPIs in this dashboard to provide you with an overview of your collected reviews and those that need to be moderated. 



  • You have an active account and you have access in to the new back-officeRatings & Reviews - Back Office

  • You manage your reviews (brand or product) and you send a message for each review into moderation.


How to access on the “Brand reviews” dashboard ?

This dashboard is accessible in your back-office through the menu Statistics:




What information is taken into account ?

  • Review Type => ALL REVIEWS (BRAND & PRODUCT)

All type of reviews are comptabilised. 

  • Reviewed Date => LAST 30 DAYS

By default, we use the last 30 days - according to the date of submission of the form.

This period can be change with the date picker at the top of the dashboard.

  • If multi-website : all countries (all verified-reviews platform)
  • If multi-website : all websites
  • If you manage store : all stores
  • If you manage stores with “Region” attribute : all regions
  • If you collect reviews with “Channel” attribute (Online / Offline / Click&Collect) : all channels
  • All rates (1 to 5) : all reviews that have gone into moderation


You can’t modify the default filters into the back-office.
You need to ask to your account manager if you want to change these filters.


🚀To go further...
Ratings &Reviews offers the possibility to have a more detailed analysis of Brand Reviews. Advanced Dashboards provide deep insight into review collection, review management and publication.



How do I access to Response to reviews Advanced Dashboard?

  • Submit an opening request to your CSM or our Customer Care team
  • Advanced dashboards are billable


Available KPIs in Advanced Dashboard

  • Collected reviews
  • Moderated reviews
  • Moderated review with response
  • Average response time
  • Distribution of the collected reviews
  • Distribution of moderated reviews
  • Moderated reviews without response

💡Good to know !

  • Each KPI present on the dashboards can be downloaded in PNG or CSV format
  • The date widget displays the period of the analyzed data over the selected date range
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