Review Management: How to use with the All and To Do filters

In the review processing tab of the dashboard, you will find the filters "All" and "To Do".

According to the review status, it will be located in one of these tabs and may or may not require action on your part to be published or reported.

What are the reviews "To do"?

All reviews that require action on your part. For example:

  • Reviews with the status "Under moderation"
  • Reviews automatically reported (abuse, personal data)
  • Reviews with a new response from the consumer to the initial response from the merchant

What are the reviews found in the category "All"?

You will find all reviews with different statuses: published, pending, in moderation, and rejected.

Reviews are sorted chronologically.

We remind you that reviews are published chronologically, so we recommend always checking the To do tab to regularly moderate reviews to avoid blocking them.

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