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 Check that the integration is active 

The first step is to check the connection between the Prestashop module and Verified Reviews: the contact must be established and the module must be active.

To check, log in to the platform in the Collected Reviews > Configure My Module tab.

If the contact is not established you must check your login and the secret key in your general configuration in the Prestashop back office.

To do this, go to the "Configuration" section of Prestashop and check that the secret key and the Website Id are correctly filled in and that they correspond to the identifiers on your Verified Reviews account. 


Click "Save" to activate your module on the Prestashop side. You will then need to complete the activation of the module in your Verified Reviews account.

Attention: in case the connection fails we invite you to contact the Customer Care team

Check the configuration of the review requests (Send solicitations by e-mail) 

In order for us to send the requests, you must activate the automatic retrieval of orders from the Verified Reviews back office, for this you must check "yes" in Collect Reviews > Configure my module: 


We remind you that this is the main condition to start the recuperation of your orders. 

Afterwards, you will find in your space the setting "When should we collect the orders" here you can choose between two options:

  • During the creation of the order by choosing "On order": in this case ALL the orders will be recovered (including the cancelled orders, refunded etc.)
  • Using a specific order status (or statuses) by clicking on "order status change". If you choose this option, you must select the status(es) from the status list.


Once the recovery of orders is activated you must set the delay, it is possible to define a delay before the review request is issued.

  • The first part allows you to select the number of days between the moment the order is collected by our services and the sending of the review request.
  • The second part is only for product reviews. You can choose to separate the sending of requests to your customers by adding a delay to the sending of the email for product reviews. For example, this would give the customer time to test the product before receiving the request for a review on this product. 

Example :

  • How long after this event should we send the request for notification? 15 days
  • How long after sending the site review request should we send the product review request? Immediately.
  • For an order retrieved on the 1st of the month, the brand review request will be sent 15 days later, and the product review request will be sent 5 days later, i.e. 20 days after the order was retrieved by our services.


Don't forget to save the changes made in your settings

If you also wish to collect and display your product reviews we invite you to check "yes" to the following options:



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If you have any problems with the configuration please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team

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